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I apologize for the redundancy, and to those pedantic, fussy people out there, I know I misspelled Arctic. I'm in a bad mood today because I was buzzed by two mosquitos last night. One after the other. Proud to have killed the first. In the last decade or so I have noticed the mosquitos have developed an endurance. The cold doesn't kill them off as easily. I have often seen mosquitos in November after frosts. Also freakish, old sugar maples are brilliant with color while the norway maples don't have any. Human co2 is contributing to both. It's wrong and it should stop!


Sagacious one; words of encouragement are not enough at least from what I see locally. The human-perversity factor through the roof! Many residents in small boxed homes with multiple air conditioning window units running in relatively cool, dry weather. In the old days, people would simply open the windows for comfort. I saw one such home have a cord of firewood dumped in their driveway while their window ACs were running. I see a lot of lighting left on when it could be off and much of it incandescent heating the atmosphere. Landscape maintenance companies fouling our ears, and lungs. ( I have stopped trimming my nose hairs to ward off some of the pollution ) It's only getting worse as home owners are capitulating to their faster growing lawns in this co2 enriched atmosphere. These roving landscape companies were virtually non-existent before the 1980s. This is not a change for the better! An artificial lawn has become a compulsive disorder! and it's feeding a positive feedback loop! This winter, many of these same people will burn firewood to supplement their hydrocarbons and I expect the air to be fouled more than ever; that's if you believe the Old Farmer's Almanac and economic gloom. The smoke particles will deposit on snow and ice near, and far to the Artic like never before threatening a runaway albedo warming. Now that's a safe statement!
So while I agree that science is unable to ascribe an amount of warming to humans or natural cycles, your encouragement means little. Natural cycles such as the supposed cooling we have entered may just be putting off the day of reckoning. The co2 molecule has a 100 year residence time and the human footprint will grow anew once we emerge from this global economic crisis. I see little hope in this diverse, distrustful world. I believe, like humans, the earth has limitations; that is its capacity to store carbon. This so-called natural cooling could just be putting off the day of reckoning.
In the meantime, I'm afraid it will take a dictator as words of encouragement have little effect on people who want the freedom to pollute when it's convenient or saves money.

Mike Gagnon

Matt, this a great example of the professionalism and knowledge that makes you, in my view, one of the best meteorologists in broadcasting. Your assessment is dead-on and well-articulated. Thank you for your commitment to excellence, and for taking the time to share with interested readers in blogs. I appreciate your forecasts and the reasoning you present in the limited on-air time you have; while the chance to dig deeper into the science behind it all in these blogs is to me, a real bonus. Keep up the passion for weather and for good science!
Mike Gagnon
Auburn NH

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