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it's really inspiring stuff , Matt!! well dine that share it with us!! so glad to find it


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A mi me paso lo mismo cuando me compre mi MacBook Pro, mi imagen sobre estos ordenadores cambio a mejor sin duda alguna.

Jenn Gaudet

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mac!! I am also a fairly recent convert who struggled with some things in the beginning but am now a believer (i can't believe it!?!). I never had that problem but it does seem mechanical. So I have to ask - where was your mouse cursor when you banged the desk -- anywhere near the iTunes icon? Perhaps updating OS reset some defaults to reduce sensitivity?? Very curious and thanks for sharing :)


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Chris Rosinski

I have never experienced that situation with my Mac, but when I tried to update iTunes, I am sorry to say that I could no longer access my music files from the previous version, unless it was downloaded from a CD. All that time and effort building special music lists. I was heartbroken for sure.
You had quite the adventure with your experience. I am glad that it all worked out well for you!

Lisi Hoff

In code writing terms there was a missing 0 in the software. yes of course a simplification LOL, but basically, in the "old days" we did not use "words" but 0s and 1s.

Congratulations on your conversion to Mac. Here is a real old-fashioned BB for Mac enthusiasts.
x704.com. Just tell BDAqua that I sent you :) Real Mac geeks run it :D
The apple support site is excellent should you ever need it :)

And thank you for a great story

Jeff Schultz

Matt, you awakened the Ghost in the Machine, aka the Mighty Finder (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHO8l-Bd1O4 )

Eric Sharakan

Matt, I wonder if "Speakable Items" (i.e. the Mac's speech recognition system) had somehow become enabled and strangely misconfigured to interpret the taps as a command to open iTunes. The OS update would've likely reset things to their defaults (including speech recognition being turned off).

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it! Congratulations on your iMac purchase.


Ahh Grasshopper, welcome to the world of AppleCare!
The Apple technicians are also customer service people - emphasis on service -and they are consistently awesome!
I have no idea why this happened. I'm just delighted that you switched to Mac. We switched four years ago and would never, ever go back.
Thanks for posting about this.
Enjoy the whole wonderful ride!
- Lee

Jenny Greenleaf

I am a lifelong Mac person (artist and graphic designer) and I have never heard anyone have this problem. It definitely sounds like some sort of hypersensitive link between your input devices (either keyboard or mouse) and iTunes. Very freaky, indeed! Definitely be sure it has remedied otherwise you should trade it in before the warranty expires, as it could be bad wiring inside somewhere. Apple has the best customer support (per recent Consumer Reports as well as per my personal experience).

There are all sorts of support boards online, too, where you can post problems/issues. You can also join a Mac User Group ("MUG"); check it out at http://www.apple.com/usergroups/ which operate both online and in person. You can search for a group near you-- for example, I belong to the NH Seacoast MUG (check them out at http://www.seacoastmac.org/).

Welcome to the Mac family! It's a nice place to be!


Wow! Amazing story, Matt.

J Swain

Well, I am a PC user but I know you can control the keyboard sensitivity with software changes, so I wonder if they had some bad numbers in a sensitivity algorithm in 10.6.1 making it too sensitive. Unfortunately that might not be the full explanation since you said you disconnected your keyboard, but that would explain how software can control a mechanical input.

Thom Keith

I'm a mid-life convert to Mac myself, Matt, and this is very intriguing. I have had issues with my iSight cam on my Macbook, but this is a whole other can of worms. I would assume that there was some mouse sensitivity setting in OS 10.6.1 that was causing the issue. Or keyboard sensitivity -- it is a truly bizarre occurrence nonetheless. I have had my iMac only since summer, but I am a believer. With this issue solved, you soon will be, too.

To breakdown my 700XL PC, and components -- 35 minutes; to setup my iMac from box to browsing -- 5 minutes.


Matt Matt Matt you are making my brain hurt. I think you just got lucky with the one Mac that has/had a quirk. Now what would of been really freaky is if when you tapped/banged not only did iTunes start but it always played
"Good Vibrations".

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