A Quick Shot of Snow for New England Saturday Night

LKN_ACCUMS_NEWENG_ACTIVE_2 (3) LKN_ACCUMS_NEWENG_ACTIVE_2 (3) LKN_ACCUMS_NEWENG_ACTIVE_2 (3) LKN_ACCUMS_NEWENG_ACTIVE_2 (3)Rain showers have been drying up from north to south today, but will return in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Southeast Massachusetts during the late afternoon into the evening commute.  Elsewhere, the drier air moving back in is also cooler air, so temperatures slowly slide through the day, dropping below freezing with clearing skies overnight.  Areas that pick up some evening showers probably will see some black ice developing overnight into early Saturday morning.  Although the incoming air is cold, it will start out dry, and that means a fair and dry day Saturday with highs in the 30s.  Clouds will slowly increase Saturday afternoon, eventually bringing a period of snow overnight Saturday night – from 9 PM in Hartford and closer to midnight in Worcester and Boston, lasting about 6-7 hours before departing by breakfast Sunday and depositing a fresh three to five inches with locally higher amounts…and a couple of inches farther north in the mountains. With snow gone early Sunday morning, sun returns and temperatures rise into the 40s with widespread melting…and the warm air will continue streaming into New England through the first half of next week, with 60 degrees or warmer a distinct possibility for some by Tuesday afternoon!  Cooler air will once again sag southward from Canada toward the end of next week, but you’ll still see highs in the 40s in our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

Classic New England: 50s End the Week, Snow Saturday Night

LKN_FRONTS_BOSDMA (5) LKN_FRONTS_BOSDMA (5)Incoming warmth and moisture has been producing widely varied conditions at times across New England…starting with rain showers that exited early in the south, then pockets of dense fog and black ice, and now more clouds than sun taking over but teaming with a southwest breeze gusting to 25 mph to bump temperatures into the 50s for many, 40s north.  Sitting on the edge of cold air to our north and warmer air to our south makes New England vulnerable to precipitation from any nearby disturbances, and one is forecast to move overhead tonight through Friday morning’s commute, prompting rain showers and pockets of fog with mild overnight temperatures hovering in the 40s.  A flow of new, colder, Canadian air will begin regionwide on Friday, but will be gradual enough to allow Southern New England to sneak back above 50 degrees, then cool into the 40s later in the day with the mountains in the 30s. After a cold Friday night, Saturday will be fair and chilly…setting us up for a round of accumulating snow overnight Saturday night – starting after dinner, ending around breakfast Sunday and most likely dropping two to four inches of snow with some locally higher amounts…though it’s still early to say for sure.  Sun returns Sunday with melting as many of us rise into the 40s, then mild air continues building in Monday and Tuesday, before some cooling in the middle to end of next week in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

As Tuesday Chill Eases, Thursday Warmth Readies

LKN_FRONTS_BOSDMA (4)Today’s chilly weather comes courtesy of a high pressure dome cresting over New England.  High pressure brings fair weather – and we’re enjoying splendid sunshine mixed with some wispy, high-altitude cirrus clouds as a result – with a light wind that will mean virtually no wind chill factor this afternoon and evening after a fresh morning breeze.  As milder air moves in aloft, variable clouds will traverse the sky overnight tonight with lows dipping into the 20s, teens north.  Clouds are likely to be variable but generally increase on Wednesday as incoming warmth transports increasing moisture, as well, and a sprinkle can’t be ruled out as temperatures rise well into the 40s.  By Thursday, a mild southwest wind will deliver high temperatures in the 50s as far north as Central New England with a shower or two possible from time to time, but not a wet day, overall.  Warmth should linger into Friday morning before a passing cold front delivers showers and falling temperatures during the day, leading to another shot of cold and dry air to start the weekend on Saturday.  As mild air tries to return quickly on Sunday, clouds will increase again and a low chance of some rain or snow showers exists, with another stretch of milder days for part of next week in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

A Pattern of Temperature Swings Prevails

LKN_FRONTS_BOSDMA (3)A cold front trudging southeast across New England this morning delivered enough dry air to push raindrops out for most but not all – the South Coast and Cape Cod have seen returning rain, ending during the early afternoon as a quick burst of wet snowflakes.  Elsewhere, temperatures have either slowly fallen or held steady today with lots of clouds giving way to increasing breaks of sun during the afternoon.  Clearing sky this evening will indicate new, dry, chilly air has arrived and overnight lows are expected to drop into the teens for many and 20s in urban centers of Southern New England.  A winter chill will remain in the air Tuesday, with highs struggling to surpass the melting point and failing to make it in Northern New England, even with abundant sunshine.  The weather pattern of oscillating temperatures will continue for the foreseeable future, meaning each shot of meaningful chill is followed by a warm spike, then another cold shot.  Wednesday is a transition day back to warmth, with increasing clouds and night showers, mixed with snow in Northern New England, lasting into Thursday morning. These showers represent a warm front, so Thursday’s temperatures should rise into the 50s – and perhaps even break 60 – in most of Central and Southern New England.  Friday will probably dawn warm before colder air begins a return that will, once again, hold high temperatures around the freezing mark to start the weekend.  That said, this weekend looks to be a winner for winter sports, with the cool shot also likely to be a dry one.  There are signals in our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast of another warm surge around the middle of next week.