Pleasant Air Rules for Now...Warmth and Humidity to Increase Slowly This Weekend

Blog1The pleasant air that burst into New England Wednesday has some staying power and is teaming with an easterly wind to keep temperatures in check Thursday and Friday with highs in the 70s at the coast and around 80 inland.  Some fair weather clouds will build each afternoon and may drop a sprinkle on inland communities, particularly in the hills and mountains, but most of us will see two dry days of varying afternoon cloud cover.  By Saturday, the leading edge to heat and humidity will be creeping east toward New England and this will probably trigger some afternoon scattered showers and thunder in Northern and Western New England…and a chance of evening or night showers or thunder elsewhere.  The late Saturday showers will mark the onset of increased warmth and humidity for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, with highs returning to 90 degrees and scattered showers and thunder a possibility each afternoon.  By midweek, a slow moving cold front will further raise the chance of showers and thunderstorms and likely will knock temperatures down by about 5-10 degrees, though summer air is expected to remain in place for New England through the duration of the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

Scattered Showers, Embedded Thunder Accompany Cold Frontal Passage Tuesday

Blog1If you liked Monday’s weather, you’ll like today’s, too – heat without substantial humidity as temperatures rise at or above 90 degrees in Central and Southern New England.  A cold front pressing south through Northern New England Tuesday morning will continue a slow trek across New England, sparking scattered showers with embedded downpours and thunder during the afternoon and evening.  Though scattered showers will dot the landscape of Northern New England from time to time over the course of the afternoon and a few storms could briefly kick up a wind gust, for most of Southern New England, the day will be dry until showers arrive into Northern Massachusetts during the early evening, taking all the way until after midnight to clear the South Coast.  This cold front is an important player in our New England weather – both ushering in cooler air for the end of the week and capturing Tropical Storm Chris as the storm strengthens to a hurricane, passing hundreds of miles south of New England.  While our region will be spared most direct impacts from Chris, waves on the order of 3 to 6 feet will arrive to New England late Wednesday through Thursday, prompting development of rip currents along our beaches during that time.  Otherwise, fresh and pleasant air sweeps across New England to end the week, with warmth building anew for the weekend and bringing a slightly increased chance of afternoon thunder, then deeper heat and humidity settling in for the beginning to middle of next week in our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

Hurricane Chris to Pass Southeast of New England This Week

Blog1It’s a rarity that New England sees temperatures around 90 degrees from north to south without much in the way of humidity, but today is one of those exceptional days.  A southwest wind will team with plentiful sunshine to boost temperatures quickly, staving off a sea breeze at the coast, but deep humidity is still far to the south of New England.  Dry air tends to cool effectively at night, so we can expect another comfortable night for sleeping Monday night before more sunshine and a continued southwest wind bump temperatures back around and over 90 on Tuesday.  The difference between Monday and Tuesday’s weather is a cold front marching into New England from Canada on Tuesday – an important player in our weather for a few reasons: the cold front sparks scattered showers Tuesday afternoon and evening from north to south, respectively, the front sweeps cooler air into the region behind it for Wednesday and, finally, the front catches a hurricane and flings it out to sea, away from New England.  The hurricane will be what is now Tropical Storm Chris, off the Carolina coast, and an offshore pass means the only direct impact expected on New England are building waves and surf Wednesday through Thursday, creating strengthening rip currents at our beaches during that same timeframe, making the first half of the week the friendlier half to wade.  By the weekend, the waves will be gone and warmth will be rebuilding across our region, eventually bringing temperatures back into the 90s with increased humidity by early next week in our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.