8 to 14 Day Forecast: March 6-12 to be warm...with a period of wet...for most of the U.S.
Forecast timing of snow en route to New England metro areas for Wednesday evening commute

Accumulation forecast for Wednesday afternoon through Thursday snow

Lots going on, both on-air and behind the scenes, so I'll keep it quick.

  • High confidence on snow moving in Wednesday afternoon, west to east, in Central/Southern New England, impacting evening drive.
  • Moderate to high confidence on snowfall amounts through 7 AM Thursday, excepting at the immediate shorelines where preciptation type is more in question, but thinking dry air will cool enough to allow for at least some snow most spots.
  • High confidence on melted precipitation amounts Thursday 7 AM to Thursday 7 PM (event end) but low to low-moderate confidence on additional snowfall amounts, as snowflakes may be very poor accumulating in nature

Given the above factors, I've opted to broadcast TWO accumulation maps, back-to-back.  The first is the higher confidence map valid through 7 AM Thursday.  The second is for the event total, through Thursday evening.  Notice that amounts don't change at all in Southern New England - additional snow on Thursday will be very tough to accumulate - but Central and Northern New England will see heartier bursts of snow Thursday, so an additional few inches seems likely.

Through 7 AM Thursday:


Total Snowfall Expectation through Thursday Evening:

Southern New England:


Central/Northern New England:





Peter Patnaude

Finally a real snow storm, this is when you are at your best and really swing into high gear in the weather room. One of the things that make it happen is all the extra sets of eyes that update the weather they are seeing from all over New England. Also a lot of Tweets count too.


Wow Matt
You are now the conservative one, we have switched positions :)

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