Upcoming weekend forecast features extreme uncertainty
Fall Foliage Report: Peak color arrives to New England

8 to 14 Day Forecast: October 2-8 not far from normal for most

8_TO_14_DAY_TEMPSThis week's 8-14 day forecast takes us through the first week of October, and features a jet stream that will be in transition across the Lower 48, with a trough in the East that relaxes briefly, then returns as a broad trough late in the period.  The end result is a mean jet stream pattern I've indicated on the maps, implying an active and relatively fast jet stream with numerous energetic disturbances.  The ongoing shift in the Westerlies means no long-lasting and substantial warmth or cold for the Northeast, rather, temperatures near normal.

8_TO_14_DAY_PRECIPThe potential exists for greater than normal rainfall for the period in the Northeast, however, as a result of the frequent energetic disturbances moving overhead, and the potential for at least one of these to capitalize on the baroclinic zone that will set up between cool Canadian air and warmer air to the south of the jet stream.  Gulf of Mexico moisture will also stream across Florida and the coastal Southeast US, and if a strong enough disturbance develops near the Northeast coast, some of this moisture could potentially be entrained.


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