In New England, it's cold enough to turn boiling water to snow...instantly!
8 to 14 Day Forecast: Most of the nation sees retreating cold February 5-11

Burst of Monday evening snow represents leading edge of milder air

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It'll be a slow process, but eventually mild air arrives to New England by Wednesday.  Monday afternoon through evening has been the leading edge of this new air, and has produced a swath of snow...not a lot of snow...but inconveniently timed with the evening drive.  By 10 PM, most of New England will find only drizzle and freezing drizzle remaining, but Northern New England will see periodic light snow off and on through the night.  Here's what I expect for total accumulations - for single number forecasts, allow about an inch either side:



Paul Monachina

about an inch her in the Berks.(Lee, MA) a liitle freezing rain. Seems to be over now!

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