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Warmer Air Builds for the Holiday Weekend

LKN_EASTER_3PARTA sprawling area of high pressure, or fair weather, dominates across the Northeast Friday into Saturday with sunshine and dry air.  The combination of sun, slightly warmer than normal temperatures and no rain makes for some beautiful days, but also drives up both the pollen count and the brush fire danger. Meanwhile, deeper summer-like warmth is moving northeast out of the Central Plains, and is expected to arrive to New England for Easter Sunday…producing some Saturday evening and night showers on its leading edge, then boosting temperatures into the 80s for many by Easter Sunday afternoon.  Though most of New England will squeeze through Easter without rain, recurring showers are likely in the North Country, and we all may find some scattered showers or thunder by Sunday evening, driven by an approaching cold front and fueled by somewhat humid air. Though the air left behind for Patriots Day will be cooler, it’ll still be much warmer than normal at 65-70 degrees for afternoon highs, which will great for spectators but very warm for runners of the Boston Marathon, making both hydration and heat management key factors. Cooler weather takes hold for the rest of next week as an onshore wind develops, bringing increased clouds and a higher chance of showers.

Wintry Mix Saturday Yields to Delightful Sunday Spring Sun


LKN_ACCUMS_BOSTON_ACTIVE_2 (6)The Boston Metropolitan area points south and southeast saw a wet start with very little snow and ice, while those in North-Central and Northeast interior Massachusetts points north and west began Saturday slippery with falling snow, sleet and freezing rain.  As the storm center impacting New England starts to move southeast of New England, winds aloft will change, allowing cold air to slip southeast and change areas of rain back to a last gasp of snow before ending.  Expect the change to snow impacting Boston’s northwest suburbs mid-morning to march through the City late morning and the South Shore midday, with the snow burst lasting a few hours into the afternoon before departing east and south, leaving just flurries by late day and evening.  As was indicated in our NBC Boston and NECN forecasts over the last couple of days, this will put snow totals in the immediate Boston area at an inch or two, with increasing amounts north and west – up to a foot in higher terrain of Vermont and New Hampshire – and decreasing amounts south and east – just a dusting in Southeast Massachusetts.  Of course, during the burst of snow, some slush very well may develop on area roads, creating one more period of slippery travel.  Winds Saturday will gust to 35 mph at times, creating a pelting feeling from falling wintry mix and driving wind chill values into the 20s, but thankfully wind mostly stays quieter in areas of heaviest snow, limiting the number of expected power outages. 

Sunday looks to be a complete dipole – sunshine and 50!  Another beauty on tap for Monday.