Daily Forecast Video: Thursday Brings Most Showers of All Days This Week
Daily Forecast Video: Flooding Rains Give Way to Brief Breather - Then Showers Return, Plus May Monthly Forecast

Daily Forecast Video: After Brief Friday Respite, Rain Returns to the Forecast

We get one beautiful day Friday...then the next large, jet stream level disturbance brings showers back to New England Saturday, Sunday and on many days next week. Full details in the forecast video and remember, in addition to the NBC10 Boston and NECN station apps, to download my personal Matt Noyes Weather app to communicate directly with me!

Today (Friday):  Pleasant, sun to late clouds. Highs in the 60s, 50s coast. East wind becomes southeast late at 6-12 mph.

Overnight Tonight:  Cloudy. Lows in the 40s. East-southeast wind 0-5 mph.

Saturday:  AM clouds & isolated shower, then PM showers to rain. Highs in the 50s for most. East wind 8-16 mph.

Sunday:  Showers, pockets of fog, raw breeze. Highs in the 50s. East-southeast wind 12-20 mph, becoming south at night with gusts to 45 mph.

Monday:  Any early AM showers kick out for emerging sun and mild temperatures with a southwest breeze. Highs in the 60s, near 70° for some.


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