A few changes...but otherwise on track
December 17, 2008: An in-depth look at the normally unfavorable pattern for storms that suddenly is so favorable for snow

Posts expected later today for multiple storm threats

I expect to post both a technical discussion here & a general one on NECN's WeatherNewEngland.com, but I'm en route to another appearance now so it won't be until late afternoon or eve. Ironically, active weather often means I reschedule appearances to quiet days, which are days I normally would post fcsts about upcoming active weather! The catch 22 leaves me up against the wall for time, hence the delayed posts of late...not to mention the dying laptop, which failed to start yesterday but therefore should work today, based on my warped view of a 50/50 proposition...

7:45 PM Update:  General Weather Summary is out on WeatherNewEngland.com.  Technical discussion won't happen today - laptop is a no-go and desktop is painfully slow.  Will try to crank out a techie tomorrow on this site!!