Your Latest New England Photos - Thank You!


       Thank you for watching every morning. Born and raised in the Merrimack Valley, I'm grateful everyday to be doing what I love, where I love - as a father, a husband, a meteorologist, a broadcaster and a proud member of our beloved New England community.


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Matt you are gorgeous. :)

thomas butler


Your New England photos are fabulous and very sharp. I hope you will make an album of them and put the best ones into a book. You are quite a photographer! I especially liked the New Hampshire towns. And the river scenes. I know this should be about weather, but I thought you'd like to know how good they are.


sorry i got the link wrong

here it is


please join my weather can chat talk in forums and upload photo's and videos.

here's the link hope you join



ahhhhh its matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur a cutey
dis is veronyka im the gurl dat said
hurricanes haha lol
in daa secind row wit daa blue shirt and vest :)
ur soo kew3l thnx for outting us on da
internet and t.v. i hope u get to come again sumtime or come over my house and sleep over hahaahha lol,come on my b-day plzzzz
well it'll be next year in may
may 5 :) ill be in 5th but send me mail plzz :)
its steven street 442 okie :) my name veronyka soeurmau XD ill may back my zip code 01851 :) okie i luv ur soo ashumm


omg!!! matt ur soo kew3l!!!! dis is veronyka.
omfg,hehehe hahaha i gots a songy for u's!!! XD
lolli lolli lolli let me see u pop dat body lolli lolli hahah jk :)
have a nice life.bai.


hey matt its me in the fourth grade singing lolly too dum too dum lolly too dum!!! but i wasnt a solo... Matt it hink ur are sooo awesome and cool!!! byeee


I am in there. Thanks Matt, your the best!

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