8 to 14 Day Forecast: The return of colder than normal temperatures for the Northeast
Black ice and fog require extra Wednesday AM caution for Boston area through New Hampshire, Maine coastline

Record warmth swarms the Eastern United States

HIGHS_OBSERVED_EASTERN_2-3_USWarm air expanded into the Northeast on Tuesday, setting records in several communities.  Nationally, record warmth was recorded Tuesday from Michigan to New England, to Washington DC, to South Dakota.




In the Northeast, alone, records were set in a number of cities:

  • Washington, DC - 66 degrees (old record 65, from 1993)
  • Georgetown DE - 63 degrees (60, 1974)
  • Islip, NY - 55 degrees (51, 1988)
  • Bridgeport, CT - 54 degrees (53, 1974)
  • Martha's Vineyard, MA - 53 degrees (52, 1974)
  • Ithaca, NY - 58 degrees (56, 1947)
  • Roanoke, VA - 68 degrees (68, 1974)
  • Lynchburg, VA - 68 degrees (68, 1916)
  • Taunton, MA - 55 degrees (ties 55, 1974)
  • Binghamton, NY - 54 degrees (ties 54, 1974)
  • Atlantic City NJ 63 (ties 63, 1988)



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