With a Foot on the Ground and 100K Without Power, Another Foot to Fall in Mountainous Terrain
New England's Window of Quiet Weather Is Slowly Closing

For Most, A Breather Between Storms Lasts a Few Days

BLOG1For a change, a storm-free stretch is descending upon most of New England for a few days.  Of course, snow has, incredibly, still been falling in the northern and western mountains as tens of thousands remain without power due to tree damage on power lines from the heavy weight of snow, and another few inches of snow are accumulating today.  Elsewhere, clouds will overtake sunshine this afternoon with scattered flurries and a chilly breeze making high temperatures in the 40s feel more like the 30s.  A busy wind continues Wednesday night through Thursday with cool but not cold temperatures continuing and snow finally tapering in the mountains, though renewed snow will fall Wednesday night into Thursday in Northern and Eastern Maine.  Another dry and cool day Friday precedes a warm front that will moderate the air this weekend – though that warm front making passage overnight Friday night may deliver at least some light snow and rain, likely leaving plenty of clouds on Saturday. By Saturday night and Sunday, a storm center strengthening over the Great Lakes will thrust warmth northward, meaning rain is much more likely than snow for most of New England, though we’re concerned about the potential of snow to extended freezing rain in the North Country and will be watching that potential very carefully in the coming days.  After a brief break in the action early next week, another storm center will strengthen south of New England late next Tuesday into Wednesday, and how close the storm comes will be the key – by that point, enough cold air will be in place for snow to move into the Boston suburbs if the storm is close enough.  Regardless, a cooler pattern settles in to end next week in our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.


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