New England's Window of Quiet Weather Is Slowly Closing
Quiet and Cold Pattern Rolls On...Ocean-Enhanced Flurries Possible at the Coast

Weekend Storm Won't Be a Big Blow to Ski Country Snow

BLOG1 BLOG1 BLOG1 BLOG1Wind has finally quieted across New England today, so wind chill is less of a factor.  This means, while temperatures may actually fall just shy of readings the past couple of days, it will actually feel just a tad milder.  Sunshine in Eastern New England fades behind increasing clouds ahead of the next disturbance – a weak system delivering scattered light rain and snow showers from west to east Friday afternoon and evening, not leaving much accumulation except perhaps near an inch in the higher terrain of Berkshire County and perhaps the far Southern Greens. Nonetheless, even a small amount of fresh moisture on Southern and Western New England roads prior to partial clearing and cooling below freezing after dusk means some patchy black ice is possible overnight in Southern and Western New England.  The weekend is split: Saturday will be dry and Sunday will be wet.  Rain arrives from southwest to northeast Saturday late evening and overnight, starting as a very brief burst of snow in the western mountains and hills, and a longer burst of one to three inches of snow in the North Country, with higher amounts in far northeast New Hampshire and Northern Maine.  By Sunday morning, rain will be falling for the majority of New England, falling heaviest through midday and accumulating half an inch to an inch before tapering to scattered showers for most by later afternoon, in time for the Patriots game with a gusty easterly wind for most of the day. Monday will be the sole mild day next workweek, as cold air returns and we watch storm potential for Tuesday night (low potential) and next weekend (moderate potential) in our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day Forecast.


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