After a Chilly Fenway Opener, Brief Bursts of Intense Rain & Snow
After Thursday Sun, Friday Clouds Herald Onset of Milder Air

Gradual Improvement Begins for New England

BLOG1High pressure – fair weather – is building into New England and the Northeast for a few days, and this will mean gradually but steadily improving weather.  Sunshine is limited Wednesday, with ample moisture in the lowest levels of the atmosphere causing new clouds to build and billow through the day, generally blotting out the sun and ensuring a cool air will continue with highs only near 50…though still some 8 to 10 degrees milder than yesterday!  Gone, also, are the rain and snow showers as the final flakes depart from Eastern Maine and the final sprinkles nudge south of New England.  Clearing is expected Wednesday night as dry air takes hold, ensuring a cold night with lows in the 20s but a bright Thursday with similar temperatures to Wednesday but a warmer feeling thanks to the bright sunshine.  Meanwhile, a big storm over the Plains States will bring blizzard conditions there, while scooping up warmth ahead of its track and launching it toward New England, creating a round of showers Friday night into Saturday morning, then opening the door to highs around 70 Saturday afternoon where the showers come to a close – most of New England except perhaps Cape Cod.  Sunday may not be quite as warm, but should start pleasant ahead of a larger storm that will deliver rain Sunday night into Patriots Day for the Boston Marathon.  Although this raises concerns of a similar scenario to last year with rain and cool temperatures, our exclusive NBC10 Boston/NECN Forecast System is showing a 60-70% chance of rain Monday…so while not locked in and it’s possible the rain enters late Sunday and exits, at least in bulk, by Monday mid-morning, it’s not looking great at this early juncture.  Our exclusive First Alert 10-day is the only one in town you can plan all of school vacation week with!


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