Slivers of Saturday Sunshine, Returning Rain Sunday for Some
Temperatures Set to Soar into the 70s...For a Day

As Brighter Times Arrive, Pollen Count Climbs Quickly

LKN_WELLNESSBrighter times are finally arriving to New England today, though the closer one is to the coast…and particularly from the South Shore to the Cape…the longer it will take for sunshine to make an appearance.  A northeast wind is begrudgingly shifting direction today, and this means clouds will be stubborn where that ocean wind holds the longest, with coolest temperatures near the coast where daytime highs won’t exceed the 50s, versus 60s for the interior and 70s for some of Western New England.  In fact, for Northern New England communities like Burlington, Vermont, today’s 70s are likely to be the warmest of the week, while Central and Southern New England likely record the warmest day this week on Tuesday, with both days bringing a huge increase in pollen count, particularly birch, maple and oak.  Which day is warmest in any given community has everything to do with wind direction and the timing of an incoming cold front, currently located over the Great Lakes and moving east.  The approaching cold front will remain far enough west of New England that overnight Monday night skies see variable clouds, but those clouds will increase and thicken in Northern New England Tuesday morning as the cold front approaches, prompting scattered showers from Tuesday morning to mid-afternoon in Northern communities.  Farther south, the onshore wind finally breaks and a southwest wind prevails Tuesday with limited sun mixed with clouds, affording an opportunity for temperatures to exceed 70 degrees in Central and Southern New England, including east-facing coasts, though that same southwest wind blows across the ocean for south-facing coastal communities, ensuring a cool day there.  Be ready for a late day and evening round of scattered thunderstorms Tuesday when the cold front marching south across the region arrives to Southern New England, moving offshore Tuesday night and leaving fair, dry and pleasant weather Wednesday, albeit slightly cooler.  New England’s next rain-maker is slated for Thursday into Friday, dropping as much as a couple of inches of rain before wrapping up for a great weekend, overall.  Mother’s Day afternoon sees a 30% chance of showers by day’s end, according to our exclusive NBC10/NECN Forecast System, but at this point we remain optimistic for much of the day before new showers settle in early next week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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