Damaging Wind Gusts, Localized Severe Weather, Some Flooding All Possible Late Friday & Friday Night
Clouds, Fog, Drizzle and Showers End The Week...Hope for Saturday

As Sleet Mixes in for Boston, Snow Will Fly in Northern New England To Start May

BLOG1Clouds certainly win out over sunshine Wednesday, though breaks of sun may emerge from time to time all the way through the afternoon.  Widespread reports of ice pellets mixed with raindrops Wednesday morning tell of a cold sky…cold enough for snowflakes to mix in across the higher terrain of Northern New England and, as daytime sprinkles and flurries turn to overnight showers and rain…steady precipitation in Northern New England will flip entirely to snow for some, with our accumulation map for Maine showing as much as two to three inches of snow in higher terrain like Rangeley.  All of this cool air will really be palpable Thursday, as a northeast wind couples with lots of clouds and patchy drizzle to hold temperatures in the 40s at the warmest time of the day for nearly everyone, except, ironically, Northern Maine where sunshine will bump temperatures into the 50s.  Friday doesn’t look a lot better with morning sprinkles forecast to transition to renewed afternoon and evening showers, but the disturbance triggering these showers will serve as a “kicker” for the atmosphere – stimulating faster motion of atmospheric disturbances and, if the timing lines up the way it looks like it will right now, affording sunshine and a period of dry weather on Saturday.  The sun angle is strong enough this time of the year that even a little sunshine will go a long way, so if the sun does break through, we should find temperatures rise into the 60s and even perhaps near 70 degrees…again, contingent on the break lining up with the middle of the day.  Part of the reason timing is so important is we have yet another disturbance moving in soon after, delivering another period of showers Sunday.  At this point it looks like weather systems become a bit more broken up with more space between them starting early next week, perhaps affording a day and a half or two days of drier weather to start the week, then hopefully shorter stints of showers moving through, with more opportunity for temperatures to rise into the 60s owing to, and highly dependent upon, any breaks of sun.


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