As Sleet Mixes in for Boston, Snow Will Fly in Northern New England To Start May
Slivers of Saturday Sunshine, Returning Rain Sunday for Some

Clouds, Fog, Drizzle and Showers End The Week...Hope for Saturday

LKN_NBCU_POP_D2_NEWENGA northeast wind in spring usually isn’t very friendly for most New Englanders when it comes to what kind of weather it delivers, and this Thursday and Friday are no exception.  Although ocean water temperatures have rebounded into the upper 40s and lower 50s, that doesn’t stop the air moving across the ocean from picking up plenty of moisture on its trip, socking most of the region in clouds.  Add to that a battle of air right over New England – between 80s in the Mid-Atlantic to 30s in Northern New Hampshire – and we have a great recipe for clouds, drizzle, sprinkles, showers and fog.  Thursday, Thursday night and Friday will bring all of those weather types at one point or another, accompanied by a raw, damp, cool air except far enough north where the sun emerges in the Crown of Maine or where enough warmth nudges in for temperatures in the 60s in Southwest CT.  Timing any heartier showers in a pattern of drizzle hinges on the passage of energetic disturbances aloft that can upset or at least stir the clashing cold and warm airmasses near us and one such disturbance has been producing prolonged showers Thursday morning over Northern MA and Southern NH.  The next noteworthy disturbance won’t enter New England until Friday afternoon, lasting into the night and generating multiple rounds of showers with embedded downpours and even a possible Friday evening rumble of thunder as it moves through.  The good news about our Friday evening disturbance is it will serve as a “kicker” for the atmosphere – something to get the weather pattern moving along a bit – and Saturday should end up with a break in the action, some sunshine and milder temperatures.  Admittedly, our exclusive NBC10 Boston/NECN Forecast System is still showing as much as a 30% chance of Saturday showers in Boston out of concern a disturbance over the waters south of New England may clip us, but for now we think rain from that is unlikely in the Boston area and more likely as some showers Saturday on Cape Cod, the Islands and perhaps New England’s South Coast.  Regardless, Sunday’s disturbance should move much closer to New England and spread rain over most of Central and Southern New England for the second half of the weekend before another break for some sunshine and milder temperatures Monday and Tuesday, though sea breezes may keep the coast cooler in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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