Temperatures Set to Soar into the 70s...For a Day
Accumulating Snow Back in the Forecast for New England...in Mid-May!

Friday Showers Will Clear In Time for an Amazing Start to the Weekend

BLOG1Clouds sliding into the New England sky from the west today are riding well ahead of the responsible storm center, located in the nation’s midsection and delivering rain from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes, and responsible for all-time May record snow in Northern Minnesota.  Here at home, the increasing and thickening Thursday clouds are fighting against dry air near the surface, so there’s no worry of any raindrops all the way through Thursday evening, though overnight Thursday night will bring some sprinkles south and developing showers north.  With one storm center crossing through Southern Canada Friday, expect periods of rain in Northern New England, closest to the storm track, while Central and Southern New England will find sprinkles transitioning to showers through the day, with the coverage and intensity of those showers ramping up particularly from midday onward.  There will be breaks between showers at times Friday evening, so while it’s not impossible some late day and evening games go off, they will be touch-and-go.  Showers depart overnight Friday night for splendid sunshine Saturday with pleasant air and an invigorating northwest breeze.  The dry air will have enough staying power to keep Mother’s Day Sunday morning dry, though the next storm center organizing southwest of us will increase the chance of afternoon, evening and night showers in Southern New England, particularly the farther south one is.  Chilly showers will linger Monday before a transitional day of improvement Tuesday and more seasonable air for the middle and end of next week, albeit with a chance of showers Thursday and Friday, in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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