On the Cusp of an Incredible Friday...and a Mild Spring Weekend
Fantastic Air Taking Hold of New England...Scattered Thunder for the North Country

Mild Air Persists This Weekend, Showers/Storms Gradually Expand

LKN_NBCU_POP_D0_NEWENG (2) LKN_NBCU_POP_D0_NEWENG (2) LKN_NBCU_POP_D0_NEWENG (2)Mild air has, at last, returned to New England and while showers and storms enter the forecast for some and not others, the relatively mild temperatures will persist.  Someplace like Boston is coming off a stretch where 82 of 83 consecutive hours were spent with cloudy or mostly cloudy skies, so the return of sun is much anticipated and appreciated.  Nonetheless, the combination of lingering moisture in the air plus a energetic disturbance aloft will result in building puffy, cumulus clouds Friday afternoon, with some of the puffy clouds growing large enough for a shower anywhere between the MA Turnpike corridor, New London, CT, and the Cape Cod Canal between 2 PM and 7 PM, melting away from sundown onward.  Patchy fog is possible in Southern New England Friday night, particularly near the South Coast, and some fog with low-altitude clouds may need to burn off Saturday morning before another splendid day unfolds.  By late Saturday, enough warmth will build ahead of an incoming disturbance aloft for a few showers and thunderstorms to fire up in the mountains of Northern and Western New England, and we’ll watch the Berkshires, in particular, for possible slow-moving storms capable of localized flooding if they cross the New York State line Saturday evening.  Sunday brings an elevated chance of showers and thunder for most of us, with the potential for localized flash flooding under slow-moving storms expanding into the mountainous terrain of Vermont and Western New Hampshire, and a propensity for afternoon showers and thunder in Central and Eastern New England…though the Cape is likely to stay dry with variable clouds both weekend days.  Even as cooler air arrives early next week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast, temperatures will still reach the 60s to around 70 for daytime highs, before warmth likely rebuilds across New England by the middle and end of the week, making the next 10 days warmer than normal for the six-state region.


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