Southwestern New England On-Guard for Strong Storms Wednesday Evening
Mild Air Persists This Weekend, Showers/Storms Gradually Expand

On the Cusp of an Incredible Friday...and a Mild Spring Weekend

BLOG1One more disturbance will cross New England before notably drier air moves in for a splendid Friday.  The incoming disturbance is far enough away that Thursday will be dry for nearly the entire day with the exception of the Crown of Maine, where some afternoon showers crop up and may even grow into a strong thunderstorm.  Elsewhere, clouds rule but some breaks of sun from time to time will at least team with a southerly wind to bump temperatures to near or around 70 degrees.  The next incoming disturbance brings the leading edge of showers from about 7 to 9 PM Thursday evening, west to east, respectively, lasting through the night and departing around 3 AM, after generally depositing a quarter to a half inch of rain on Southern New England, but there may be significant variability more and less around more focused bands of rain that develop.  Nonetheless, Friday brings a surge of fresh air that will bring sunshine, highs in the 70s and a fresh breeze in the morning that diminishes later in the day.  Dry air should hold on through most of Saturday before the next disturbance approaches New England by late Saturday and Saturday evening…but the weather pattern will be changed by that point: while the jet stream winds aloft that steer atmospheric disturbances will still be nearby, meaning those disturbances still impact us, the amount of available moisture will be less, meaning fewer and more scattered showers and storms.  The decreased propensity for storms will certainly be on display Saturday, as the chance of showers grows only in the mountains at first during the afternoon, likely taking until evening to build for the rest of New England.  Moisture increases in the atmosphere Sunday, making the setup more favorable for showers and thunder to develop and probably meaning those showers will develop as soon as the morning in Northern New England, and from late morning onward elsewhere, especially away from the immediate coast.  Temperatures should top out in the 70s both weekend days, then drop only slightly to near-normal values early next week before rebounding closer to 80 by the end of the week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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