June Monthly Forecast - Near Normal Conditions, Overall, in New England
High Pressure Locks in an Incredible Weekend for New England

Chance of Showers to Grow Wednesday and Thursday

LKN_NBCU_POP_D1_NEWENG (2) LKN_NBCU_POP_D1_NEWENG (2)Another epic day has unfolded for New England with sunshine, a busy westerly wind that is holding off any sea breeze from forming and dry air.  With high temperatures around 70, this is about as pleasant of a day as we find in New England.  Well to our west, a series of disturbances are traversing the leading edge to deeper warmth and humidity, and this new air colliding with our existing dry air will eventually spell increasing clouds and showers.  In fact, the first showers will develop in the Green Mountains of Vermont shortly after supper time Tuesday evening, then expand east and southeast during the overnight, bringing scattered showers to most of the six-state region from midnight onward, excepting perhaps Southern CT, RI and Cape Cod.  Wednesday dawns with light rain and fog in Northern New England and clouds, patchy fog with a few showers farther south as a surface warm front, marked by a shifting wind and increase in both temperature and humidity, draws near.  By late Wednesday afternoon, there is question as to the exact placement of the warm front, but our First Alert Weather Team believes it should be somewhere near or north of the MA Turnpike, meaning temperatures will climb through the 70s and near 80 near and south of the Pike, but have trouble breaking much beyond the 60s to near 70 from Northern MA points north, at least until Wednesday evening.  Thursday looks humid with heaviest rain and thunder in the morning, then drier air starts returning to New England, limiting but not totally eliminating the chance of a returning scattered storm Thursday afternoon, then further reducing the chance of showers Friday until, at last, new air will be completely in place for the weekend, delivering incredibly pleasant air much like we started the workweek with…though likely turning even warmer Sunday, at least away from the coast.


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