Fantastic Holiday Week Continues to Unfurl
Another Night of Perfect Fireworks Weather As Summer Delight Rolls On

Fantastic Fireworks Weather For the 3rd...and 4th!

LKN_FCST_BOSDMA_REGIONS_HOURLY LKN_FCST_BOSDMA_REGIONS_HOURLYAbsolutely perfect weather is in store for fireworks region-wide in New England both today and Independence Day.  While nearly everyone stays dry both days, a weak disturbance aloft yields a less than ten percent chance of an isolated shower popping up each afternoon but none of this is expected to be all that impactful and the vast majority of us will never experience a drop.  In addition, we feel extremely confident that all areas will be quiet, mild and dry for fireworks displays on both evenings. One twist from our normal heat in New England has been the lack of humidity, which continues through Wednesday night for another comfortable sleeping night.  By Thursday afternoon, we’ll notice a slight increase in humidity which may lead to some Thursday night clouds near the Cape and Islands as that more humid air drifts north, making an appreciable difference in our humidity levels throughout Southern New England by late Friday and regionwide on Saturday.  With the increase in humidity, any disturbances will elevate the chance of showers and thunder, meaning Friday evening storms may wander into Western New England Friday evening, and new storms are quite likely to develop in New England on Saturday, ahead of an approaching cold front.  New air arrives behind the cold front on Sunday, though enough atmospheric energy may linger aloft for a new, scattered shower or storm before the new, dry, cooler air takes over for the start of next week, gradually yielding to a new round of heat and humidity by late week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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