An Enjoyable Weekend for Many...Though Some Showers Will Fall
Localized Downpours Tuesday Ahead of a Cooler End To the Week

Fantastic Monday Yields to Tropical Air and Developing Downpours Tuesday

LKN_FRONTS_NEWENG (2)An incredible Monday is brought to us by the winning combination of dry air and sunshine, teaming with a steady west and southwest breeze to boost temperatures into the middle 80s.  A cold front is slowly approaching New England from the north and will bring scattered showers and thunder only to the far North Country of New England Monday – elsewhere, still well in advance of the cold front, warmth will continue building in and be followed by increasingly humid air overnight Monday night with building clouds and a mild night.  Tuesday the humidity will be palpable for Central and Southern New England, and this will allow morning showers in Northern and Central New England to slowly build into downpours and thunder Monday midday onward, with some of the torrential downpours fueled by tropical air resulting into localized flooding and big puddles on roads.  Given the potential for localized flooding and delays to the evening commute, we’ve hoisted a First Alert for Tuesday afternoon and evening.  By Wednesday, expect shifting winds to lower the humidity and likely ship showers out very early in the day for a drier but cooler day.  The cool air will stick around through the end of the week and while dry air will try to hang on, a slow-moving disturbance from the west will raise the chance of showers by late Thursday into Friday, particularly the farther west one is in New England.  Summer lovers, fear not: we expect a mid-summer redux to begin late this weekend and last through next week with temperatures into the 80s again in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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