Localized Downpours Tuesday Ahead of a Cooler End To the Week
Dry Air Hanging on in New England...For Now

Pleasant Air Takes Hold of New England

BLOG1A large dome of high pressure – fair weather – is building into the Northeast and while that usually means a stretch of bright and fabulous weather, there are a few subtle features that make our predicted weather just a bit different this time around.  One thing is for sure: new, less humid and pleasant air is streaming into New England and promises a great feeling in the air Wednesday into the weekend.  An upper level disturbance moving through New England’s sky this morning is delivering variable clouds and a few sprinkles from west to east, and may even bring a shower or thunderstorm to southwest Connecticut by day’s end. Otherwise, the new air holds temperatures shy of 80 for nearly all communities not only today…but Thursday and Friday, as well.  By Friday, a persistent though weak onshore wind flow will have introduced enough ocean moisture that, not only will we see clouds battling against the sun as we do Wednesday and Thursday, but clouds may actually win out Friday, with some morning drizzle or sprinkles even a possibility near the coast.  In Northern and Western New England, both Thursday and Friday may bring isolated thunder until Saturday the chance grows higher in these communities.  Farther east, though a Saturday afternoon shower isn’t impossible, they also aren’t likely.  By Sunday, the wind direction changes and we open the door to deep summer warmth again, with highs in the 80s Sunday, then around 90 Monday and likely Tuesday with increasing humidity and a resultant increased chance of scattered thunder.  Even as a quick shot of cooler air arrives toward the end of next week, we’ll still be talking about daytime highs around or over 80, and another rebound of warmth is possible by next weekend.


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