Frost Advisories for Some First Frosts Wednesday Night
An Amazing Weekend of Sun...With Some Important Subtleties

Amazing Weekend Ahead - Though Rip Currents and Brush Fire Threat Climbs

SocialOur quiet stretch of weather rolls on, but there’s a surprisingly long list of weather related items to share!  First and foremost, we continue to forecast an incredible stretch of weather starting with room temperature high temperatures of 65 to 70 degrees after a frosty start for some this morning with temperatures dropping into the 20s for four of our six New England states.  Sunshine is expected for several days, through the weekend, as high pressure only slowly drifts south and changes our wind direction enough for a west and southwest wind to carry warmth into New England for highs near 80 Friday and in the 80s Saturday and Sunday.  This will put most New Englanders in a summer, rather than fall, mindset, with the big races at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway seeming more like the mid-summer races from July, the Patriots playing at Gillette in 82 degree weather, and kids sports this weekend calling for a big water bottle, sunscreen and, for Moms, Dads and fans, sunglasses!  All the while, Hurricane Humberto is hundreds of miles to our southeast but is generating 40 foot waves at its center, and these waves travel away from the storm as swell, building seas six to ten feet by Friday morning in our coastal waters, meaning a strong rip current sets up at our beaches Thursday through Saturday, posing a risk to swimmers.  Meanwhile, we’ve seen brush fires breaking out the last few days in Upstate New York, and the continued dry conditions will raise our own brush fire danger through the weekend, encouraging caution for brush burning, campfires and the like.  Meanwhile, New England is not in drought, but many communities are now abnormally dry owing to the lack of recent rain.  Our next chance of showers holds off until a passing disturbance Monday night of next week, with another possible disturbance with showers next Thursday night, but a week of high temperatures likely in the 70s again for another great week, overall, in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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