Amazing Weekend Ahead - Though Rip Currents and Brush Fire Threat Climbs
Incredible Summer Heat on the First Day of Autumn

An Amazing Weekend of Sun...With Some Important Subtleties

LKN_ADVISORIES_NEWENG_ACTIVE (1) LKN_ADVISORIES_NEWENG_ACTIVE (1) LKN_ADVISORIES_NEWENG_ACTIVE (1) LKN_ADVISORIES_NEWENG_ACTIVE (1) LKN_ADVISORIES_NEWENG_ACTIVE (1) LKN_ADVISORIES_NEWENG_ACTIVE (1)An epic weather weekend with a summer redux has arrived to New England, with tons of sunshine and warming temperatures.  First, the basics on the weather: dry weather will persist until Monday evening and night, with a steady, gradual moderation in temperatures from highs near 80 Friday, to either side of 80 Saturday, to the middle 80s Sunday, with overnight lows mostly in the 50s – no more frosty mornings, even in the North Country for now.  There are a few important subtleties to be aware of in the coming days: the dry weather has put some of New England in abnormally dry conditions, one stage shy of drought.  Though we aren’t immediately concerned about that – and fall tends to be a rainy season of recharging our water supply anyway – we’ll keep an eye on it as we’ll likely turn drier over the next ten days.  Brush fire danger is now moderate for most of New England and should continue increasing through the weekend, so anyone managing a fire this weekend, from brush burning to bonfire to campfire should stay aware and alert with any embers.  Rip currents have developed from powerful swell emanating from Hurricane Humberto, racing toward St. John well to our east but sending six to ten foot waves careening into our beaches, creating strong rip currents Friday and moderate rip currents Saturday – with no seasonal life guards, Friday swimming should be avoided and Saturday swimming should be done cautiously at any beaches exposed to waves.  The next disturbance to bring scattered showers comes through Monday night and may last into Tuesday morning before moving along, giving way to dry weather again until another disturbance Thursday night.  The early call on next weekend at the end of our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast is for another dry, bright weekend…though unlikely to be as warm as this weekend.


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