Scattered Severe Storms Wednesday Afternoon Usher in a Fall Feeling
Wednesday Warmth To Hearken Back To Summer

Temperature Swings Ahead: Fall In New England

BLOG1A delightful early fall air is in place for New England as we enter a season that features collapsing daylight, declining temperatures but often truly exceptional weather, as well.  Nature will deliver on all of those September expectations in the coming days – from crisp nights and early mornings at the start of the week, to warmth at midweek and chances for the warmth to return this weekend and next week.  In the short term, the same dry air that allowed for temperatures to drop so much Monday morning is also making for ample Monday sunshine, with some clouds mixing in at times but no raindrops expected.  A light and variable wind will tend toward a sea breeze, and as temperatures cool Monday night, the lingering ocean moisture in the air within about 30 miles of the coast may create some pockets of fog and clouds by Tuesday morning, but those should give way to another blend of sun and clouds with just slightly cooler-than-seasonable temperatures around 70 degrees.  A strong disturbance moving through Southern Canada Tuesday into Wednesday will first produce showers in Northern New England Tuesday evening into night, then will encourage a strengthening southwest wind across the region Wednesday, boosting temperatures into the 80s for Central and Southern New England with rising dew points meaning increasingly humid air.  A cold front attendant to the passing disturbance will march south across New England with scattered showers and thunder Wednesday afternoon and evening, bringing temperatures down a bit Thursday with another shower possible as a second cold front moves through, delivering more substantial cool air Friday.  Nonetheless, warmth won’t go far, and while both weekend days feature a chance of showers, that chance of showers comes as warm air starts a return.  In fact, in the first half of next week we have returning temperatures around or over 80 degrees in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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