Wednesday Warmth To Hearken Back To Summer
Cool Thursday Showers Ahead of Classic Fall Swings in Temperature

Wednesday's Windy Warmth Precedes a Sharp Change of Air

BLOG1Wednesday is the warmest day of the week, owing to a busy southwest wind gusting over 30 mph at times, transporting not only the warmth but also noticeable humidity into New England with dew points rising into the 60s – a sure indication of increased moisture.  One disturbance aloft delivered a round of morning rain north and showers south, but the departure of that disturbance and its associated clouds will allow for increasing sunshine from lunch hour through the afternoon, which is when temperatures really make the greatest rise.  In the warmth and humidity, some scattered showers and thunder will develop during the early evening, not impacting the majority of New England but we’ll all keep an eye to the western and northwestern sky.  Variable overnight clouds will be found as the wind shifts to blow from the north and east by dawn, decreasing humidity in the air by sun-up but also carrying increasing clouds into New England skies from north to south by Thursday morning.  Clouds will be stubborn Thursday – combined with cool air streaming in and abundant clouds, the temperatures will be as much as 20 degrees cooler than Wednesday for some communities, and a disturbance responsible for a tornado in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Tuesday night will deliver a period of showers Thursday midday to afternoon here at home.  Eventually, drier air clears the sky – first in Northern New England late Thursday, then Southern New England Thursday night, giving way to crisp but abundant fall sunshine Friday with highs only in the 60s to near 70!  Our current weather pattern features quick and pronounced changes in air from cool to warm and back again, and each clash of air brings clouds and a chance of showers, so we’ll find increasing clouds and some scattered showers Saturday as warmth attempts a return to New England, likely succeeding for a delightful Sunday near 80 degrees.  Although one more disturbance may bring showers Monday, most of next week looks exceptional in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast, with mostly dry conditions and comfortable high temperatures in the 70s and 80s.


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