Anticipated Changes to Cooler Air Arriving
More Classic New England October Pattern Setting Up

First Flakes of the Season Fly For Some New England Ski Resorts

Social2 Social2 Social2For winter sports enthusiasts, in particular, the first snow of the season is always exciting.  Thursday brought snowflakes to the summit of Vermont’s Stowe Mountain Resort, and those flakes migrated east overnight into Friday morning, dropping the first wet, sloppy accumulation of the season at the summits of Sugarloaf and Sunday River Resort.  This snow fell on the northern fringe of a storm center rippling along a slowly southward settling cold front that delivered rain showers to the rest of New England, along with a wind shift to open northerly winds from Canada, funneling colder air southward.  The new, chilly air is also dry air, so after some big, bubbling, puffy clouds develop with the arrival of the new air this afternoon and create some sprinkles and light showers in Eastern New England during the early and middle afternoon, we’ll find clearing sky Friday evening for a clear overnight.  With a clear sky and such cool air, even a light breeze from the north will likely not be sufficient to stop frost from developing in valleys, where the wind will quiet a bit after midnight and temperatures will land between 30 and 35 degrees.  Saturday morning frost will melt away but a chill will remain in the air with highs not reaching 60 degrees in most New England communities, though full sunshine and a very light wind at least will mean we make the most out of every degree with the warmth of the sun and lack of wind chill.  Milder air makes a return Sunday, though the colliding air will create lots of clouds after early morning sun and the strengthening wind will also add a chill, meaning while the thermometer will add about 5-10 degrees over Saturday, the air may actually feel pretty similar.  Showers will likely crop up from northwest to southeast across New England late Sunday into Monday, respectively, with some showers lasting all the way into Tuesday morning before another shot of cool and dry fall air settles in for midweek.  The end of our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast suggests some showers are possible next weekend with highs around 60.


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