Spring Air Settles In...Rain and Snow on Sunday
Snow Showers Monday Night Likely to Stick For Some

Delightful Weather Starts the Weekend, Raw Showers End It

LKN_NBCU_APCP_NEWENG (1)For many, this is a much-needed weekend for rest and recuperation after an unsettling and stressful week.  For others, the days continue to blend together from one to the next.  Either way, this weekend offers weather that will cater to those who want to be outside in fresh air, and those who need an excuse from nature to lay low inside and rest – Saturday and Sunday each offering that juxtaposed weather.  Coming off early showers Friday morning, drier air taking over from mid-morning onward brings clearing and the opportunity for sun to boost temperatures to near 60 by afternoon with the pollen count rising and remaining high into Saturday as dry weather continues through a cool Friday night and through a Saturday that starts with sun and ends with clouds.  Saturday afternoon’s clouds come well ahead of a strengthening storm center pulling from the Central United States across the Great Lakes, dragging warmth and moisture ahead of it, with that air colliding with the cool and dry air already in place here in New England.  Late Saturday evening rain showers will arrive to southwest New England first, then slowly expand northeast, arriving for many of us overnight Saturday night but not arriving to Northern New England until Sunday.  A southeast wind strengthening off the ocean will ensure warm enough air for rain – not snow – in most of New England, but Northern New England should see snow snow and sleet to start when precipitation arrives Sunday morning to midday, accumulating one to three inches from the Northeast Kingdom of VT into the White Mountains of NH, and two to four inches from the Whites through the deep interior of ME – and even a bit more than that in Northern ME.  Regardless, most New Englanders will find raw air Sunday for a day that encourages indoor activities.  A few showers will still be around Monday, particularly in the morning, with snow showers in the North Country and gradual drying making a more appreciable difference later in the day and through Tuesday.  After midweek, the chance of showers builds again toward week’s end, but the early call on next weekend – now fully in view in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast – is for good weather.


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