Spring Snow Melts Quickly
Spring Air Settles In...Rain and Snow on Sunday

Spring Signals Return in Late Winter Chill

Nature is giving cues that spring is efforting a comeback from our early week shot of snow - after a couple of quiet mornings, the peepers have started to sing again and the ducks and birds were much more vocal at sunrise Wednesday morning.  Even with these signs of spring abound, Wednesday feels more like a late winter day with the abundance of clouds suffocating any morning peeks of sun, largely the product of an onshore wind.  The combination of clouds and an easterly wind flow will hold temperatures in the 40s Wednesday with ambient or “feels like” temperatures in the upper 30s at the warmest time of day, with a few sprinkles from time to time during the afternoon.  To our south, a storm center mostly misses, strengthening as it makes its closest pass, growing into a sizable storm too little too late for significant impact to New England, though a period of showers is possible Wednesday evening on the Cape and Islands.  Drier air affords sunshine Thursday with temperatures either side of 50 degrees and a light wind, meaning the day will be a noticeable improvement over Wednesday.  Another quick-moving system Friday will deliver renewed clouds and the chance of a few sprinkles and showers, but departs in time for a pleasant Saturday.  One trend in the forecast has been to slow the arrival of rain Saturday, so while clouds will increase during the afternoon, rain should hold off until overnight Saturday night, falling squarely on Sunday and likely to last most of the day.  All of next week is showing up in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast and looks to do away - at least for now - with the volatile temperature swings of the last few weeks, stabilizing in the 50s and perhaps some 60s, with the greatest chance of showers around midweek.


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