A Shot of Snow Headed for Interior New England
Spring Signals Return in Late Winter Chill

Spring Snow Melts Quickly

LKN_FRONTS_BOSDMA (4)Many New Englanders woke up to fresh spring snow Tuesday morning, with two to four inches generally falling north and west of Boston, but as much as just over half a foot of heavy, wet snow in higher terrain of Central MA into Southern NH.  As is typical of spring snow, melting will come fast on the heels of a snow-covered morning, with breaks of sun bumping Tuesday afternoon temperatures to around and over 50 degrees, taking a perfect snowball and snowman consistency and turning it quickly to wet mush and, by day’s end, lots of puddles with lingering slop.  Sun glare and road spray will make sunglasses and windshield washer fluid helpful accessories Tuesday midday and afternoon, while winter shoes will protect against wet feet with so much melting. Some re-freezing is likely overnight Tuesday night north and west of Boston into much of Central New England, and though many main thoroughfares will have dried enough during the day to prevent widespread black ice, some icy patches are likely.  A storm center passing to the south of New England Wednesday mostly misses, though a shower may crop up during the afternoon and some rain may graze the South Coast including Cape Cod Wednesday evening and night into Thursday morning.  Thereafter, sun re-emerges for New England Thursday, and another nearby storm system Friday is likely to miss to the south, meaning variable clouds but little in the way of precipitation.  It’s been a string of great weekends for New England - at least with dry and bright weather, even if cool at times - and that string may come to an end this weekend with showers expected to arrive sometime later Saturday and last through Sunday, though temperatures stabilize with daytime highs generally in the 50s in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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