Fair Wednesday Sets the Stage for Late Week Snowstorm
Off and On Snow Likely to Make for Patchwork Accumulations

Another Snowstorm Heads for New England Thursday/Friday

V_LKN_PTYPE_EXTENDED_TEMPS_NEWENG V_LKN_PTYPE_EXTENDED_TEMPS_NEWENG V_LKN_PTYPE_EXTENDED_TEMPS_NEWENG V_LKN_PTYPE_EXTENDED_TEMPS_NEWENG V_LKN_PTYPE_EXTENDED_TEMPS_NEWENGA quiet Wednesday across New England with much-needed sunshine comes courtesy of a slug of dry – but chilly – air from Canada.  Melting will be slow, but not absent in Southern and Central New England as temperatures near the melting point, though that won’t be felt by New England residents thanks to a persistent northwest breeze through the day, holding the wind chill values in the teens until the wind finally eases during Wednesday evening.  In Texas, more snow, sleet and freezing rain is falling on an already suffering population, many left without power, heat or clean drinking water from the recent spate of winter storms.  Like its predecessor, the midweek Texas storm will head for New England – unlike the last storm, it’s unlikely to carry enough warmth for much sleet or rain, except perhaps on Cape Cod, so most of New England should see mostly snow from this event.  Clouds thicken overnight Wednesday night and a swath of light snow is possible as soon as predawn Thursday into Thursday morning across CT, RI and Southeast MA…not a guarantee but the setup is favorable for a light band of snow well ahead of the actual storm as the first surge of moisture arrives aloft.  Regardless, by midday Thursday the snow is filling in across CT, by early afternoon through much of the remainder of RI and Southeast MA, and from 2-5 PM we should see a northward expansion of snow to Southern NH, continuing to expand north overnight Thursday night.  Heaviest snowfall rates are expected to expand from CT/RI/Southeast MA Thursday afternoon to the remainder of Southern New England Thursday evening and the first part of Thursday night, then lighter snow may fall into Friday until another stronger burst is possible midday Friday and perhaps into Friday afternoon.  It’s that second burst of snow – farther out in time from this forecast – that is the most uncertain, and would be pivotal to adding a couple of final inches to the snow to achieve predicted snowfall totals.  If, as we draw closer, that final burst of snow appears it will fail to materialize, snow amounts may end up slightly lower north of the MA Turnpike and especially in Southern NH.  Regardless, while the wind will gust over 20 mph Friday – and perhaps as high as 35 mph near the coast – significant wind or power outages are not expected before the snow ends Friday evening or night, giving way to breaks of sun Saturday, more sun Sunday and cool air both days.  Another disturbance is forecast to cross New England Monday with a chance of snow and rain, then we’ll see fair weather and some melting for the middle of next week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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