March 2021 Forecast Through My Eyes: Warmer-Than-Normal for Much of the Country
Mild Showers Thursday, Chance Thunder Friday, Snowflakes North This Weekend

Spring Air and Sunshine Returns Quickly for the Weekend...and Beyond!

LKN_FRONTS_BOSDMA (20)Cold air was too slow streaming into Southern New England to change rain to accumulating snow predawn Friday, though a period of snow started the day on Cape Cod and the Islands.  While the cold air may have been slow to arrive, it’s certainly making itself known all day Friday into Friday night, with daytime high temperatures near 40, wind chill values in the 20s most of the day with northerly wind gusts of 30-40 mph early, and a cold but clear night dropping into the 20s.  Sunglasses will accompany the winter coat and gloves Friday thanks to the dry nature of our new air, and while the cold will ease over the weekend, the sunshine is sticking around through Sunday and beyond.  Both weekend days will feature a light prevailing wind – this time of the year with cold ocean water temperatures of only 40-42°, that encourages sea breeze development, and our First Alert Team thinks a pretty decent sea breeze will set up both weekend afternoons.  The impact of a sea breeze in March is pretty noticeable, often knocking temperatures from highs in the 50s or lower 60s into the 40s by the end of the day, and occasionally reaching as far inland as 20 to 30 miles by late day – both of those characteristics are expected with our weekend afternoon sea breezes.  This weekend will be our first in New England since the fall that features over 12 hours of daylight and we ring in astronomical spring – spring on the calendar – at 5:37 AM Saturday with our Vernal Equinox.  Appropriately, it looks like spring temperatures will stick in the forecast through next week, even as sunshine in the first half of the week yields to a building chance of showers by late week, daily high temperatures will still reach into the 50s and 60s, and that milder spring air is likely to hold through next weekend, even as the chance of showers remains elevated from time to time between Wednesday and Sunday, though right now Thursday and Saturday have the potential to remain shower-free.


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