Prolonged Fair Weather to Prolonged Showers Starting Sunday
Mostly Dry Spring Days Until Thursday Night & Friday Rain...and Possibly...Snow!

Cool, Lots of Clouds...But Not Too Wet Most of This Week

LKN_FRONTS_BOSDMA (24)Last week, New England benefitted from being stalled under fair weather between a slow-moving storm to our east, and another to our west.  This week, we flip the script – the weather pattern remains slow-moving but we’re close enough to a storm over the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley that clouds, cool air and occasional raindrops will be in the forecast for days to come.  Monday morning showers stretched from Southern VT to Southeast MA, with other clusters of showers over southwest New England.  Most of the morning showers melt away in favor of cloud cover and a cool breeze Monday midday and afternoon, with the persistent northeast wind off the 40-45° ocean water making it hard for afternoon air temperatures to exceed 50° in most eastern New England communities and in the 50s in Western and Northern New England.  A northerly and northeast wind seems unlikely to break in the days ahead, meaning while at times breaks of sun will increase when the wind becomes more northerly and a little less off the ocean, the majority of the week will deliver more clouds than sun.  With the sprawling storm center slowly drifting across the Eastern U.S. to our west and not directly overhead, that really limits how much rain is expected to fall, with total rain amounts over the entire week through Thursday evening only expected to be less than 1/10 of an inch!  So, outdoor plans look decent on most days this week, as long as clouds and cool air are part of the expectation.  The bigger change is expected Thursday night through Friday when the energy driving the storm system to our west finally draws close enough to swing a storm center nearby and delivers steady and soaking rain on Friday, with enough cool air that some snow may mix in for interior, higher-terrain communities!  For most of us, if this soaking rain comes together it would be welcome news to a depleted New England water table that’s been pushed all the way into drought for some of VT and Western NH, though the highest rainfall totals of around an inch would likely fall in the Southern half of New England, where abnormally dry conditions fall short of drought classification.  Saturday likely brings dry conditions but our First Alert Team isn’t excited about significantly warmer air, then a chance of showers builds again by later Sunday as afternoon high temperatures finally return above 55 degrees.  The good news looking at our exclusive 10-day forecast is next week doesn’t look as cool, or as cloudy…but with a jet stream “trough” – or dip in the storm steering jet stream winds aloft – over the Northeast U.S., we’re likely to find multiple rounds of clouds and showers sliding through particularly during the first half of the week.


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