My April 2021 Monthly Forecast: Warmer-Than-Normal and Dry for Many
Prolonged Fair Weather to Prolonged Showers Starting Sunday

Slow-Moving Weather Pattern Means Dry This Week, Showery Next Week

LKN_FRONTS_BOSDMA (22)Our stretch of dry weather continues for a few more days in New England, though like previous days, Wednesday will bring a duel of sun and clouds in our sky.  Sunshine starting Thursday morning gives way to building, bubbling clouds developing in a combination of increased moisture and cool air aloft, on the western periphery of a large storm stalled over the Canadian Maritimes.  Our surface wind is also influenced by the big storm to our east, gently blowing from the northeast, off the ocean to keep coastal communities in the 50s at the warmest time of Wednesday while we cross 60 degrees inland.  The continued dry air with a light breeze means our pollen count remains high through the rest of the week, with maple the latest newcomer to the pollen scene, and brush fire danger remains elevated, necessitating caution with any outdoor burning.  Each day through Saturday gets progressively better as the large storm over the North Atlantic slowly weakens while nudging farther away, allowing for clouds to give way to sun Thursday and a fair sky Friday and Saturday.  With the onshore wind flow slowly weakening each day, coastal communities should be able to exceed 60 degrees at least briefly Friday and for a longer period of time Saturday, while inland communities make a run to 70 degrees both of those afternoons.  All signs point to a major change in the weather pattern for New England starting on Sunday, so enjoy the splendid weather while it lasts.  Interestingly, the global weather pattern isn’t changing much – a slow-moving weather pattern featuring some sprawling storm systems, but the big difference for us is instead of being stuck between storms, we’ll be stuck under one.  This should mean an increased chance of showers not only Sunday by mid to late morning, moving in from west to east and lasting the day, but an increased chance of showers on each day next week, all the way through the end of the week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.  As you might expect, increased clouds and showers – along with a likely weak onshore wind flow – will keep temperatures down, and on a few days (Monday chief among them) our team may need to lower the temperature forecast even a bit more as we get closer, depending on the amount of clouds and strength of the onshore wind.


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