Much Needed Sunshine Arrives, Boosting Pollen Count, UV Index
Busy Breeze, Lightning, Hail and a Rocket - Welcome to Spring in New England!

Improving Weather Gradually Unfolds Over the Week

LKN_FRONTS_BOSDMA (26)After starting the week with steady rain Monday morning, heaviest rain quickly shifted east and offshore, leaving behind plenty of clouds and some lingering sprinkles for most of New England.  In the North Country, some breaks of sun will probably emerge Monday, with any possible breaks of sun farther south not emerging until very late in the day if at all, and with atmospheric energy still overhead, scattered showers will develop out of the hills and mountains of Northern New England Monday afternoon.  With plenty of clouds, temperatures will be hard-pressed to rise out of the 50s for most of Southern New England and lower 60s north, though wind will be light.  A stronger upper level disturbance Monday night will deliver a period of late evening and overnight rain from west to east across Northern New England with a passing shower or sprinkle around or just after midnight farther south, leading to a drying westerly wind that will start clearing skies for sunrise Tuesday.  Tuesday looks delightful for most of New England – fair sky and a fresh breeze with westerly winds gusting to 30 mph at times, while the fair weather clouds in Northern New England likely will build tall enough for some new scattered showers in the hills and mountains during Tuesday afternoon.  New England remains under a jet stream “trough” through midweek – keep in mind the jet stream is the fast-flowing river of air, high in the sky, that steers disturbances and storms, and separates cool air to the north from warmer air to the south, and a trough is when the jet stream dips to the south, encouraging disturbances and cooler air to move through.  Wednesday afternoon will feature another disturbance dropping over New England in this trough, meaning sunshine will likely yield to increasing clouds with some scattered showers developing during the afternoon.  Behind Wednesday’s disturbance, the best day of the week arrives Thursday: sunshine and 65 to 70 degrees for an afternoon high temperature.  Friday won’t be far off from Thursday’s splendor, though clouds will increase ahead of a chance of rain Friday night.  A nearby and nearly stalled frontal boundary – the battling edge of cool and warm air – will be relatively close to New England this weekend, with storm centers likely developing to our south along that front, meaning some scattered showers are possible both weekend days, though neither appears to be a washout right now, and the chance of showers very well may decrease as we get closer to the weekend if showers end up consolidated closer to the front.  At this point, it looks like we warm slowly but surely into next week at the end of our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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