Heat, Then Humidity, Then Waves From Claudette
Heat Index Tops 100° As Storms Erupt in Northern New England

Showers, Rain and Thunder Ahead of Dramatic Change of Air - Rip Currents At New England Beaches

LKN_SEVERE_OUTLOOK_BOSDMAA cold front ushering in sharply cooler and less humid air crosses New England Tuesday, delivering showers, rain, some thunder and then a whole new feeling for all six states.  Though all of New England dawned with humidity and warmth still in place, by mid-morning the cold front, represented by a dramatic shift in wind direction to start blowing from the northwest, rather than the southwest, was marching across the Northern Green Mountains of VT and Presidentials of NH.  The cold front will make quick progress southward, throwing sail boaters for a loop as the wind shifts dramatically to mark the start of cooler air.  While showers will fill in from west to east during the late morning to afternoon, respectively, and embedded downpours and thunder are expected as an area of rain fills in for the evening in all but northwest New England, severe thunderstorms are far less likely Tuesday than they were in Northern New England Monday, because the cooler air is undercutting the developing showers, reducing the amount of available thunderstorm energy with the possible exception of Cape Cod.  At our beaches, waves of two to four feet – small compared to the seven to nine foot waves offshore – will be arriving after the passage of decaying Tropical Storm Claudette, and though the waves won’t be that big at the beaches, the power behind them will be enough to create rip currents at New England beaches so swimmers should stay alert, and especially attentive to kids in the water.  By midnight Tuesday night, showers will be gone and clearing will be underway, leaving a phenomenal stretch of low humidity, bright sky and comfortable air Wednesday through Friday.  This weekend into next week, a large area of high pressure – fair weather – will set up over the Western Atlantic Ocean, with a clockwise flow of air around it delivering increasing warmth and humidity up and down the Eastern Seaboard from Saturday onward, returning high temperatures into the 80s.  With the increasing humidity this weekend into next week, the chance of scattered afternoon showers and thunder rises, too, though no one spot seems likely to receive storms each of the days, and the chance of storms on any given afternoon may rise and fall depending upon the strength of the fair weather dome offshore.  Either way, we seem certain to jump back into deep summer warmth through next week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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