Showers Draw Closer As Humidity Returns for a Summer Feeling
A Busy Friday: Peak Foliage for Some, Closing Weekend at Topsfield, Marathon Monday & 10-day Through Next Weekend!

Improving Weather Arrives To Start the Weekend

A large, upper level storm swirling over New England doesn’t necessarily mean a storm at ground level today, but it does mean cold air and energy aloft, favorable for clouds and showers to develop.  After early showers, Southern New England found sunshine mixing in for much of the morning, now will find new scattered showers developing under blossoming clouds.  In Northern New England, the cold air in the sky will allow for small hailstones and perhaps some graupel (soft snow pellets) at times, while the cold air moving over the warmer ocean water actually may deliver ocean-enhanced and ocean-effect showers to Cape Cod with embedded downpours and perhaps thunder Thursday evening into the first part of the night before ending.  A clearing trend will sweep across New England Monday night with temperatures dropping into the 40s for most and 30s in coldest valleys.  A fair sky and moderating air will make for a pleasant feeling Friday across most of New England and while Saturday is likely to continue the gentle warming trend, showers ahead of the next approaching storm from the west will spread across Northern New York and may arrive to the Green Mountains Saturday afternoon, with late day showers possible into Northern NH as well.  Elsewhere, we’re likely to stay dry Saturday but another push of moisture will mean more showers approaching from the west Sunday.  At this point, it looks likely that Sunday turns showery in much of Northern New England, while Southern New England finds increasing clouds but some uncertainty on exactly when showers arrive, with a late day or evening arrival looking most likely with about a 40% chance of showers at Gillette Stadium for kickoff of Tom Brady’s return on Sunday Night Football.  The chance of showers will rise later into the game, with rain showers expected Sunday overnight and Monday for a cool start to next week before sunshine is likely to return and temperatures moderate to between 65 and 70 degrees, above normal for this time of the year in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.


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