Over Half a Foot of Flooding Rain, Some Power Outages, Isolated Severe Thunderstorm All Possible With Ida Remnant
Harvest Moon & Autumn Equinox Spice Up a Crisp Start to the Week

Splendid Sun to Incoming Shot of Rain, Building Ocean Swell

LKS_FRONTS_BOSDMA (5)Delightful, early September weather brings  a low-stress return to post-Labor Day school and work routines, at least when it comes to weather impacts!  Crisp, cool mornings in the 50s (40s in Northern valleys) and daytime highs either side of 80° with low humidity make it possible for One and All to enjoy comfort outside, with the only exception being for ragweed pollen allergy sufferers, as the pollen count remains high.  With our progression to fall, the sun angle isn’t as strong as it was in the summer, so even unabated Tuesday and Wednesday sun will deliver a high, not very high, ultraviolent index – enough for sunburns with prolonged exposure, but not the intensity of mid-summer.  For many coastal residents, the day after Labor Day is a favorite day of the year – summer visitors have returned home and there’s plenty of space on the sand to go around…enjoy the midday high tide and one to two foot waves Tuesday, as our First Alert Team expects ocean swell to build a bit on Wednesday with a slightly elevated rip current risk, then more significant swell of four to eight feet with a strong rip current by Thursday and Friday as Hurricane Larry zips east of Bermuda and into the Canadian Maritimes.  As for the skies, expect a strengthening south wind Wednesday to boost temperatures into the 80s all the way to the Canadian border, but an approaching cold front will trigger building clouds and incoming thunder to Western New England by Wednesday evening into night – some of those storms may be strong.  Farther east, storms will slowly arrive from the west while weakening overnight Wednesday night, then the instigating cold front will likely slow to a crawl Thursday, meaning recurring pockets of rain and embedded downpours are in the forecast for Eastern New England Thursday with either side of an inch of rain, and our weather team has issued a First Alert for Thursday, expecting an impact to one or both of the Thursday commutes.  By Friday, the cold front eases off our coast, leaving only a very slight chance of a shower Friday but most of us will see great improvement, en route to another shot of dry, comfortable air with plentiful sun just in time for the upcoming weekend!  Although a couple of disturbances show up in our forecast next week for an increased chance of showers both Monday and Wednesday, both systems look to be fairly quick-moving right now, so the exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast certainly shows more dry days rather than wet ahead!


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