Mild End to the Week, Sharply Cooler Weekend Ahead
Hybrid Storm Bombing Out off the New England Coast: Damaging Wind, Heavy Rain, Pounding Surf Closing In

Bombogenesis Appears Likely As Hybrid Storm Brews

8A40E560-AEFB-44CE-8789-F2F1604E84CE 6BA84FC5-FC36-4FDB-A784-AA5DBF9D8983DAC2CB3C-3E2F-44E7-B1F9-EB817E66652EThunderstorms with frequent lightning slowly marching north into Nantucket will continue slowly north, and new ones should develop west along New England’s South Coast overnight, then spread north across CT/RI/MA as downpours & embedded thunder. A push of warm and humid air aloft. The next 36 hours should feature some amazing atmospheric tricks: Cool air at the surface overrun by warmth/humidity aloft = heavy rain of 3-5”. “Bombing” (rapidly intensifying) cyclone off our South Coast plummets air pressure = widespread wind 35-55 mph gusts, 60-65 immediate coast. Then storm will take on hybrid characteristics, up to/including a warm center, akin to a tropical system. The “warm core” is a characteristic of tropical systems when the center of the storm consists of warm air, rather than the more standard non-tropical construct of cold centers, particularly thousands of feet aloft. Hybrid systems can occasionally attain named “subtropical” status. If the storm takes on hybrid characteristics, what does this mean? In addition to usual result of enhanced precipitation bands and, in the Northeast US, increased propensity for lightning, it also means potential for strong, damaging wind both away from and consolidated near storm center, with the near-storm wind corridor exceeding the intensity mentioned above. If that ends up happening, the Cape/Islands to the South Coast would be most vulnerable and gusts could exceed 75 mph Tuesday night. Of course, I’m headed to bed now so I can get at least a few hours of sleep before I give you the full analysis on NBC10 Boston and NECN in the AM. I’ll leave no stone unturned. See you from 4-10am.


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