Bombogenesis Appears Likely As Hybrid Storm Brews
Frosty Nights to Finish the Week in New England

Hybrid Storm Bombing Out off the New England Coast: Damaging Wind, Heavy Rain, Pounding Surf Closing In


The latest run of our exclusive, built-in-house NBC10 Boston & NECN Forecast System is in...and is hitting wind hard. Max gusts of 70+ match our team on-air forecast nearest to the coast, but note the stand-out gust forecasts of 80+ mph in isolated spots like Plymouth & P'Town.

LKS_FCST_WIND_GUSTS_COLORSWith this wind (worth noting from my previous tweets how deeply inland 40+ gusts are predicted) raising the potential for tree limb damage, some uproots in increasingly soft/wet ground & resultant power outages - we prep to lose power but also want to secure lightweight stuff.

LKS_BOARD_PIC_WITH_TEXT (3) LKS_BOARD_PIC_WITH_TEXT_3No change to the thinking for additional coastal and marine impacts to include minor coastal flooding Wednesday and pounding surf resulting from offshore waves 20 to 25 feet, which peak Wednesday but remain elevated over 10 feet into Friday, beach erosion at high tide.
LKS_BOARD_PIC_WITH_TEXT_2 (1)Many aspects of the impact on road travel are straightforward: wet leaves on the road are slick, water will pool on some roads. But it does get a little tricky because leaves may clog drains that aren't normally slow, meaning new/unexpected large puddles so expect the unexpected.



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