Brisk Days, Frosty Mornings, Taurid Meteor Shower and Ocean-Effect Rain Showers
National Weather Service confirms two tornadoes in New England Saturday evening

Damage Reports from Saturday Evening Storms Rolling In…

The following storm damage reports are rolling in, coordinated/compiled by Rob Macedo and consisting of National Weather Service Skywarn Spotter reports.  Huge thanks to the network and amateur radio operators.


..Initial Damage Report listing. Many still under review. Update will be attempted by 1030 PM and potentially another one later tonight..

..Sources of reports were relayed by Amateur Radio Spotters in the region and direct from Amateur Radio Spotters as listed..


346 PM: Burlington, CT: Pea Sized Hail per Trained Spotter and Meteorologist

350 PM: New Britain, CT: 1/8" hail per Amateur Radio

354 PM: West Hartford, CT: 1/8" hail per Amateur Radio

358 PM: East Granby, CT: 1/8" size hail per Amateur Radio

400 PM: New Britain, CT: 43 MPH measured wind gust in New Britain on the Farmington line via portable handheld instrument per Amateur Radio

400 PM: West Hartford, CT: Tree down on Asylum Avenue, Tree down on Miamis Road at Albany Avenue per Amateur Radio

400 PM: West Hartford, CT: Trout Brook Road at Lawler - Tree down and the road is closed, Additional Tree down Asylum Avenue at Steele Road per Amateur Radio

405 PM: Windsor Locks, CT: Pea Sized Hail near BDL per KB1QQR-Paul - report received via twitter and retweeted

410 PM: West Hartford, CT: Tree down on Bloomfield Avenue near Simsbury Road - road closed

416 PM: Springfield, MA - Indian Orchard: 1/8" hail per Amateur Radio

423 PM: Marlborough, CT: Tree and Power Lines down - Walker Lane at Pentigill Road

428 PM: Tolland, CT: 1/8" hail

430 PM: Columbia, CT and Andover, CT: 1/4" hail covering the ground and even made roads a bit slick

430 PM: Coventry, CT: Plains Road - Tree down blocking the road

440 PM: Storrs, CT: Jim Calhoun Way - Tree and Wires down, Mansfield City Road - Wires down per FD

500 PM: Plainfied, CT: 222 Sterling Hill Road - Tree and Wires Down, 464 Norwich Road (Rte 12) - Power Lines Down

505 PM: Foster, RI: Numerous Trees, Limbs and Wires down in the area of 39 Cucumber Hill Road per FD/AR

505 PM: Foster, RI: Johnson Road - Trees and Wires down

505 PM: Sterling, CT: Main Street - Tree down on house (AR - pic confirmed)

505 PM: Coventry, RI: Philips Hill Road - Tree down blocking road (FD)

509 PM: Dudley, MA: Pea Sized Hail

510 PM: Webster, MA: Tree down blocking Mine Brook Road at Evergreen Road (FD)

516 PM: Richmond, RI: Tree and Wires down on Tall Timbers Drive

520 PM: Providence, RI: Pea Sized Hail per AR

520 PM: Scituate, RI: 29 Rocky Hill Road - Tree and Wires down and telephone pole snapped in half per FD

520 PM: East Greenwich, RI: 35 Valley Road - Wires Down

520 PM: North Kingstown, RI: 4 miles south of the Route 401 exit (Quonset) - Trees down on the side of the road - debris on the roadway. Amateur Radio spotter reported seeing debris swirling in the air

522 PM: Warwick, RI: 66 Amsterdam Avenue - Tree and Wires down

528 PM: Woonsocket, RI: Pea Sized Hail per AR

520 PM: North Kingstown, RI: Dillon Avenue - Tree down on a house

520 PM: Warwick, RI: Tree down blocking the road on Post Road (both via AR)

520 PM: North Kingstown, RI: Tree down on Oakdale Road (FD)

520 PM: North Kingstown, RI: Potter Road - Tree down blocking Road (FD)

520 PM: North Kingstown, RI: 431 School Street - Wires down (FD)

520 PM: East Greenwich, RI: Nichols Lane at Allen Drive - Tree and Wires down blocking the road (FD)

522 PM: Warwick, RI: 1 Lambert Lind Highway - Tree and Wires down

525 PM: Mendon, MA: 67 Northbridge street - Tree and Power Lines down (FD)

530 PM: Westerly, RI: Pool house with concrete foundation in pool and multiple large Cedar trees snapped as well as multiple poles down on Center Street/Rte 78 area

540 PM: Dartmouth, MA: Potomska Road - Tree down blocking the road (FD)

544 PM: Middleborough, MA: Tree down blocking right hand lane of I-495 Southbound near the Route 44 exit (Exit 15) per MSP

545 PM: Raynham, MA: 381 Thayer Street - Tree and Wires down

545 PM: Fairhaven, MA: Adams Street between Hope Street and Linden Avenue - Tree down blocking road (FD)

545 PM: Taunton, MA: 3/4" hail (AR)

548 PM: East Taunton MA and Berkley, MA: Pea Sizd Hail 2 Different AR spotters.

555 PM: East Bridgewater, MA: 2 Douglas Drive - Tree down, 66 Forest Trail - Tree down (FD)

605 PM: Fairhaven, MA - West Island: 59 MPH gust per KA1WBH-ML

640 PM: Dennis, MA: 2 Utility Poles dowm, a third utility pole cracked and Wires down old wharf road after Beaten Road - road impassable (AR)


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