As an Active Weather Pattern Takes Aim Before Christmas, The Atmosphere May Try to Pull Some Tricks
Wednesday Inland Icing...and Still Holding Onto Hope for At Least Some Christmas Snowflakes

Saturday Mix of Snow, Sleet and Rain To Cause Travel Delays For Many, Winter Storm Conditions Central & North

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Very hard to believe snow will fly for many in New England tomorrow when the entire six-state region is over 40° this morning with the South Coast around 60° - but that's the expectation for many (not all) in New England Saturday. 

After temperatures only very slowly ease down overnight Friday night on a continuing northwest wind that will be far lighter than today's 35 mph gusts, precipitation will move into southwestern New England around sunrise Saturday, as a mix of mostly raindrops & a few flakes in CT. 


By lunch hour, snow, mix and rain will be expanding northeast. Because temperatures for many will be above freezing, roads start out melting a lot of this, but hilly terrain of Central and Western New England may start to see some greasy roads developing.

Between 2 and 4 PM, snow increases, temperatures drop a few degrees, and many communities away from the coast (particularly near, along and outside I-95) will see roads begin deteriorating. Less of an issue near coast and SE MA/RI. Sleet increasingly mixes in Central/Western MA.
The mix with and change to sleet inland rides northward into Southern NH by Saturday evening, with areas closer to the coast - inside of and in the Merrimack Valley perhaps to Rte 495 - going to rain for a time, cutting back on amounts & allowing some road improvement.
Snow amounts hinge heavily on placement & migration of rain/sleet areas that cut off or severely limit accumulation. There should be a sharp increase from a broad area of 1-2" to the 4"+ area, and though I've tried to indicate it, it may be tighter than shown here.
Biggest reasons I haven't drawn snow gradient (ramp up in amounts) as tightly as I think it'll end up being are: 1) if I get it wrong by 20 miles, I've drastically over/under prepared folks either side of the line; 2) with such tight difference, small shift may require adjustment.
The introduction of sleet has me fairly confident on the Worcester County part of this forecast, I think the more malleable part is Eastern Middlesex to Essex and Southeast Rockingham Counties where snow, sleet and coastal rain push all come into play.
Farther west in New England, any change to rain seems quite unlikely for many - sleet will be the much bigger contributor to limiting snow accumulation the farther south one is. Keep in mind sleet still poses travel issues.
Northern New England is more clear-cut: a snow event with perhaps some sleet mixing in for some of Southern VT, Central NH and maybe Southern ME, but mostly a wintry, snow event. Great news for skiers and snowmobilers, though the Crown of Maine more removed from moisture.


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