U.S. Open Forecast in Focus: Chances for Showers and Thunder
A Few Showers With Splashes of Sun...the Weekend Warmth Unfolds

Drought Rolls On As Rain To Lack Organization in Days Ahead, Weekend Warmth on Track

Although some showers fell in the Western half of New England Wednesday morning, Eastern New England started with clouds for many and sun near the coast. With an onshore wind, it’s a bit usual to have the driest air near the coast, but a slow-moving, large upper atmosphere storm center swirling southeast of New England has captured some dry air and carried it west into New England, caught in the counter-clockwise flow of air around the storm.  As a result, clouds will persist in Western New England Wednesday but will give way to increasing sun in Eastern New England, with a few showers in the morning diminishing for the afternoon, but an onshore wind meaning high temperatures only around 70 near the coast and 70-75° - cooler than recent days – inland.  Variable clouds Wednesday night into Thursday will mean while a few showers crop up from time to time, particularly toward midday and afternoon, no organized slug of rain is expected to develop.  Limited organization to rain has really been the trend of the forecast over the last couple of days – from days out, it looked like the storm southeast of New England would throw at least one or two slugs of rain over New England for the end of the week, but as the storm positions itself and pulls in chunks of drier air, the forecast undoubtedly has taken on a tone of occasional showers instead.  This time of the year, with the strongest sun angle, that also makes a difference on temperature – if you can get breaks of sun to emerge, temperatures can easily nudge into the 70s.  Deep heat has been building in the nation’s midsection while New England has stayed cooler thanks to the nearby storm inducing a northerly wind flow through a deep layer of the sky, but as the storm finally shifts east, the window will open for a warmer, southwest wind into New England that will carry both heat and humidity into the Northeast US this weekend.  High temperatures both weekend days should climb at least into the 80s, with 90s likely for some inland while sea breezes may kick up each afternoon along the coast.  Right now, any chance for thunderstorms looks limited until a slow-moving cold front arrives Monday with showers and thunder, likely to squash the humidity for a few days heading into the middle of next week but not carrying much cool air, with seasonable temperatures lasting through next week and deeper summer warmth attempting a comeback by week’s end.


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