Classic Early Autumn Air Steers New England Into the Weekend
Fall Feeling To Intensify In New England As Hurricane Fiona Creates Dangers At Sea

Fall Air Extends Into Weekend Until Summer Splashes Back Sunday

LKS_BOARD_STATS_1COLUMN_2 LKS_BOARD_STATS_1COLUMN_2 LKS_BOARD_STATS_1COLUMN_2 LKS_BOARD_STATS_1COLUMN_2 LKS_BOARD_STATS_1COLUMN_2 LKS_BOARD_STATS_1COLUMN_2New England’s great fall weather extends into the weekend, and will be replaced for one day by a summery feeling Sunday.  For now, a dome of high pressure – fair weather – is cresting over the Northeast U.S. and carrying a slug of dry air that cools quickly when the sun goes down and warms quickly when the sun shines.  The result was widespread morning low temperatures in the 40s Friday with pockets of 30s in coldest valleys, and after high temperatures in the 70s Friday afternoon with a light northwest breeze, expect a similarly cold night Friday night.  A light hazy appearance in the New England sky Friday morning comes courtesy of Western U.S. wildfire smoke drifting overhead at high altitudes, expected to thin Friday afternoon and drift south before returning Sunday to add a bit of color to Sunday’s sunrise.  In the meantime, a rain-free forecast bodes well for outdoor plans regionwide through Saturday.  By Sunday, the dome of high pressure begins moving away to the east, and the clockwise wind flow around its center will set up an increasing southwest wind Sunday that will bump temperatures into the 80s for most of the southern half of New England.  A slow-moving cold front sinking south out of Canada will enter Northern New England Sunday morning, not only keeping temperatures cooler for the northern half of our six-state region but also introducing showers from morning onward there.  Farther south, showers aren’t expected until late day and evening, though a few hours difference between evening and afternoon on a forecast a couple of days out for a weekend day certainly isn’t a moot point, and our First Alert Team encourages folks to check back in for forecast updates this weekend to be sure timing doesn’t change.  Regardless, Sunday night through Tuesday should see that slow-moving cold front nearly stall close to or over New England, keeping showers in the forecast with a preliminary Sunday through Tuesday estimate of .50”-1” of rain in Northern New England and .25”-.50” in Southern New England.  Although not a sure thing, we expect from this early juncture the frontal boundary will waver enough by midweek for improving weather before a brief Thursday warmup…then another shot of cool fall air by next weekend in what, so far, is a fair weekend forecast in our exclusive 10-day forecast.  Throughout next week we’ll be watching Fiona – a Tropical Storm set to impact Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic this weekend then curve northward, but right now we see no strong indications of a path to New England.  That said, as with any tropical system off the East Coast, we’ll be keeping close tabs.


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