They're Out! Is There Actually Science in the Almanac Winter Forecasts?
Rain Continues Tuesday, But Not Nearly As Intense

Soaking Rain Lasts Into the Return To Post-Labor Day Routines

LKS_BOARD_ALERT (5) LKS_BOARD_ALERT (5) LKS_BOARD_ALERT (5) LKS_BOARD_ALERT (5)Rain!  A soaker is unfolding for New England and will last through Labor Day and Tuesday in much of Southern New England.  Although our weather team continues a First Alert for both Monday and Tuesday owing to the impact on travel and the potential for localized flash flooding due to runoff into low-lying areas, there’s no question our drought-parched landscape and water table can use a recharge.  While the two to three inches of rain expected to fall between Monday and Tuesday will certainly dent the drought, it won’t break the drought – we are about ten inches below normal for rainfall.  Chances are good we’ll see some improvement when the new drought monitor is issued this Thursday as the rain will serve to at least give a much-needed boost to local water supplies, but there will still be a sizeable gap to fill.  Returning to the routine of school and work Tuesday will be a slow process on the roads for the morning commute in the steady rain and chances are good the rain will continue through the afternoon and evening drive, as well.  Drier air starts to move in on a continued northeast wind Tuesday night, a wind direction not exactly known for drying considering it’s blowing across the ocean, which is why Wednesday’s forecast of fair sky may end up coupled with building, puffy, cumulus clouds that may grow sizeable enough to drop a few showers or sprinkles on particularly Southeastern New England.  Regardless, a pronounced trend toward better weather will kick off at midweek and promises fantastic weather – a return to dry weather – for the end of the week through the weekend, with daytime high temperatures in the 70s and 80s and comfortable humidity levels.  Our First Alert Team sees one chance for showers in the first half of next week, Monday or Tuesday depending upon the timing of an incoming disturbance and associated cold front, but otherwise our current shot of rain should be the most meaningful rain we’ll have for the next 10 days.


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