Fantastic Fall Weather for a Weekend of Yard Work, Leaf Clean-up, Trick-or-Treating...or anything else!
Pleasant Stretch Begins...Rare November Warmth Set to Follow

Showers Will Break to Extended November Warmth

LKS_MATTS_MEMO (23) LKS_MATTS_MEMO (23)It’s not uncommon for November showers in New England.  What’s more uncommon is the combination of November showers with a humid feeling and high temperatures in the 60s, but that’s what Tuesday is delivering for Southern and Western New England.  Central NH to much of ME remain northeast of the majority of the showers, though also will find temperatures reaching the 60s by Tuesday afternoon.  This unseasonable warmth will stick around for days on end, as a jet stream ridge – or northward bump in the jet stream winds – establishes over the Eastern United States.  Keep in mind the jet stream is the fast river of air, flowing at high altitudes, that steers storm systems and separates cold air to the north from warmth to the south…so a ridge building over the East means a large area of warmth building with it, and that includes New England.  What’s exceptional is how long this jet stream ridge holds on, with an opposing jet stream “trough,” or southern dip, over the Western U.S. continually reloading with new and cold energy, dumping two to three feet of snow on the Rockies but ensuring the storm track remains well west of New England, which promises a continued flow of mild air throughout the east.  The result for New England will be an extended stretch of fair and warmer-than-normal weather, from Wednesday all the way through the weekend into early next week!  As a large dome of high pressure, or fair weather, shifts east over the North Atlantic, a deep southerly wind flow setting up into New England and the Northeast may eventually tap enough moisture for building clouds Sunday into Monday, and our exclusive NBC Forecast System shows a 20% chance of showers on either of those two days.  That said, the warmth will be so well-established by that point, that temperature leaping into the 70s may challenge record warmth Sunday and Monday.  Even as the weather pattern reconfigures to deliver substantially cooler air at the middle to end of next week, toward the end of our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast, a 15-20 degree drop in high temperatures still puts New England very close to normal at the end of the forecast period.


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