Pleasant Stretch Begins...Rare November Warmth Set to Follow
Record Warmth This Weekend - Enjoy It While It Lasts!

Steady Warming Into The Weekend Means Record-Challenging Temperatures

LKS_4DAY_BOSTON (4) LKS_4DAY_BOSTON (4) LKS_4DAY_BOSTON (4)A cool start for most of New England Thursday morning – in the 20s and 30s – wasn’t matched in the higher terrain: the Worcester Regional Airport, sitting at 1000 feet above sea level, started just shy of 50 degrees and Mount Washington started at 37°, each some 10 to 20 degrees warmer than towns surrounding them!  This phenomenon occurs when warmer air is streaming in aloft rides over the top of sinking cool air and often indicates the air is poised to warm quickly, as long as a light breeze can develop and cloud cover isn’t too thick – we meet both criteria Thursday with ample sun and a light breeze.  Temperatures rapidly climbing to the middle 60s will fall shy of Wednesday’s highs but still reach nearly 10 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year.  Overnight Thursday night, a gentle southwest wind continues and starts slowly moving increasing moisture into the air of New England.  Running over the ocean and then into overnight temperatures in the 40s, chances are good some areas of clouds and fog will develop south of the MA Turnpike by dawn Friday and may take a few hours to burn off Friday morning, but by afternoon sunshine and a steady southwest breeze will bump temperatures to around 70 degrees.  Pockets of fog and clouds may develop in far Southern New England again predawn Saturday, but once again should burn off for an exceptional day with highs in the middle 70s!  A slow-moving cold front pushing into New England from the north and west Monday will raise the chance of showers for Northern and Western New England Sunday afternoon and a light shower or sprinkle may nudge into the Boston area by day’s end – either way, Sunday is sure to bring many more clouds than Saturday but still reaches the lower to middle 70s, challenging or breaking the record of 73° set in 2015.  The cold front weakens as it crosses New England Sunday night, so cool air really doesn’t arrive until a reinforcing push of new air from Canada on Tuesday, meaning Monday we still squeeze into the 70s with a decent amount of sun.  Tuesday’s temperatures drop by nearly 20 degrees with highs only in the middle 50s – seasonable for November – and that air lasts a couple of days until a building chance of showers late Friday or Saturday, at the end of our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.  It’s worth noting, while we’re warm and fairly quiet here at home, there’s plenty of storminess elsewhere!  In the Western U.S., widespread accumulating snow will fall late this week into the weekend from the Pacific Northwest to the Desert Southwest as a parade of cold storms dive in from the Pacific.  In Mexico, Tropical Storm Lisa weakens to a Depression while moving out of Belize and ending up in the southwest Gulf of Mexico this weekend, but delivers life-threatening flash flooding along the way.  In the North Atlantic, Hurricane Martin charges northeast toward Greenland this week, then puts the brakes on and changes direction, ending up in the United Kingdom late this weekend with gusty wind and rain and 30-40 foot seas pounding the western coast of Ireland.  So…there’s plenty of action in the weather world, it just – for now – is occurring away from our corner of the hemisphere.


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