Monday Night and Tuesday Snow Will Cause Snowy Tuesday Morning Commute
Snow Set for Friday Night to a Mix Saturday

Weak System Wednesday Night Into Thursday Brings Snow For Some, More Widespread Snow Friday Night

LKS_SNOW_SPECIFIC_NEWENG_ACTIVE (23) LKS_SNOW_SPECIFIC_NEWENG_ACTIVE (23) LKS_SNOW_SPECIFIC_NEWENG_ACTIVE (23)As sunshine fades Wednesday afternoon behind increasing clouds, the next weather system approaches New England, caught in the jet stream winds aloft, moving east out of the Great Lakes. The clouds eventually deliver mixed snow and rain showers to southern New England Wednesday evening, arriving between 4 PM and 7 PM from West to East and mostly falling as snow in central and northern New England.   Coming off a relatively mild day, road temperatures will be warm enough that roads will primarily stay wet during the evening of the first part of the night Wednesday night. As colder air bleeds south overnight Wednesday night, roads will ice for Northern and Central New England and even in some of the high terrain of central and western Massachusetts for slippery spots Thursday morning. At the same time, the next disturbance arrives quickly on the heels of the first and results in renewed rain showers for much of southern New England Thursday morning… Brief freezing rain showers that change to rain from the Worcester Hills to Central New England… And more snow falling Thursday morning in Northern New England. When all is said and done Thursday midday, 2 to 4 inches of new snow will have fallen for much of the northern half of New England. Thursday afternoon brings drier air that will persist through much of Friday but that drier air is also colder in nature as it moves south from Quebec. This sets up a scenario for the next storm, a moisture-loaded one, to deliver a shot of snow Friday night, beginning 6 PM to 10 PM and lasting into Saturday. As the storm center draws closer to New England, precipitation will get heavier Friday night into Saturday morning with heavy snow at times… And enough mild air aloft for a change to sleet in some of Southern New England and warmer of the ocean changing us to rain near the coast after a round of accumulating snow. Right now, it looks like 6 inches or more of snow are possible near and north of the Massachusetts turnpike and with a gusty wind in the early hours of Saturday morning blowing snow is a real possibility, especially in eastern New England before a changeover to mixed precipitation takes place. The intensity of the storm will slowly wane over the course of Saturday and Sunday looks like a better day though a few snow showers may still pop up. Next week, the early call is for classic March weather with a couple of weak disturbances but no major storms apparent at this early juncture.


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